Snag a space heater for 40% off before winter blows in

October 30, 2020 at 09:00

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TL;DR: Stay warm this winter with a iPM Q9 1,000W space heater for $59.95, a 40% savings as of Oct. 30.
This iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater will keep you warm and cozy during brutal winter days and nights — and it happens to be 40% off for a limited time.
If you don't have a fireplace in your home, this space heater makes for a great alternative.
The best part: It imitates a real wood-burning fire.
The only thing it doesn't simulate is the crackling sound of a wood stove — but that's what audio effects are for.
You can operate the space heater manually or with the included remote control, which means you won't have to get up from under your blanket to make temperature adjustments.
It also features an overheat protection function.
And thanks to its free-standing build, you can place the iPM Q9 wherever you want in your home without worrying about it taking up too much real estate.
This space heater generally retails for $99, you can slash a whopping 40% off for a limited time and get it for only $59.95.

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