'Chicago 10' tells the electric true story behind Aaron Sorkin's Netflix drama

October 30, 2020 at 10:00

The Trial of the Chicago 7 is good drama, but I have to wonder at some of the choices writer/director Aaron Sorkin made.
The movie is based on a true story but it gets an awful lot of the facts wrong.
Brett Morgen's 2007 documentary is a movie for people who don't like documentaries.
The courtroom scenes in Chicago 10 are all animated in a style inspired by the trial's original sketches.
Dylan Baker is Dellinger, who played a much larger role in the trial and the events that preceded it than Sorkin's take suggested.
(In contrast, Hayden, a key role in the Netflix movie played by Eddie Redmayne, has no voice actor.)
I'm not here to pit Chicago 10 against the Netflix movie.
Behind the heavily stylized production that leans on modern protest music to draw unspoken parallels, there lies a carefully plotted document of what actually happened, from a particular point of view.
There's no need to animate footage from the '68 DNC because the events that unfolded there in the streets of Chicago speak for themselves.
He and Rubin actually showed up to court at one point wearing fake judicial robes, with fake police uniforms hidden underneath.
I've adored Chicago 10 for a long time because it's the rare documentary that spices up what could've easily been a dry accounting of events.
Especially now, as modern society reckons with an overly militarized police apparatus that seems too willing to toss out our First Amendment right to protest, Chicago 10 is a resonant and important piece of work.

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