'Do not wait': Court cases throw late-arriving votes into doubt

October 30, 2020 at 10:10

In recent weeks, the Trump campaign and Republicans in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and North Carolina challenged the validity of ballots arriving after Election Day.
Federal elections happen on Election Day, they've argued in court, and not a day later.
Some justices in the conservative majority of the US Supreme Court have also indicated they'd support strict interpretation of state laws no matter the pandemic.
Yet that was preferable to mixing in late-arriving votes that may not be legal with ones cast on time, the court wrote.
The state Supreme Court upheld that deadline in September.
This week, the US Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up another GOP challenge to the state's ballot receipt deadline.
In Minnesota, the state's leaders could still appeal Thursday's ruling to the Supreme Court, although the high court has repeatedly chosen to keep the status quo in cases that come to it.
Even with late-arriving ballots potentially on their way to legal limbo, the Supreme Court previously indicated it may be wary of throwing out votes cast in good faith.
The votes are set to be counted starting the morning of Election Day.
The Supreme Court sided with a federal appeals court upholding the deadline of Election Day this week -- a win for Republicans.
That same ruling also included victories for Democrats that set the stage for the recent case over the ballot receipt deadline that went to the US Supreme Court.
Delays in mail delivery have only exacerbated concerns that ballots sent before Election Day won't make it in time.

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