Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case. Here's how they did it

October 30, 2020 at 07:51

(CNN) As much of the world struggles to contain new waves of the Covid-19 pandemic , Taiwan just marked its 200th consecutive day without a locally transmitted case of the disease.
Taipei's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been one of the world's most effective.
The island of 23 million people last reported a locally transmitted case on April 12, which was Easter Sunday.
As of Thursday, it had confirmed 553 cases -- only 55 of which were local transmissions.
On Friday, those figures had passed 45 million cases and more than 1.1 million deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Instead, Taiwan's response focused on speed .
Taiwan confirmed its first reported case of the novel coronavirus on January 21 and then banned Wuhan residents from traveling to the island.
By March, Taiwan banned all foreign nationals from entering the island, apart from diplomats, residents and those with special entry visas.
One is geography -- Taiwan is an island, so it's easier for officials to control entry and exit through its borders.
JUST WATCHED Learning from Taiwan's Covid-19 response Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Learning from Taiwan's Covid-19 response 07:07Taiwan also had experience on its side.
Former Taiwanese Vice President Chen Chien-jen, who is an epidemiologist by training, said lockdowns are not ideal.
"Very careful contact tracing, and very stringent quarantines of close contacts are the best way to contain Covid-19," he said.

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