What’s the deal with nano weed edibles?

February 23, 2021 at 10:30

Edibles are always a gamble, but up-and-coming nanotechnology in the cannabis space may make popping a weed gummy a more predictable experience.
Nano weed products aim to make that starting point, and the entire edible experience, less chaotic.
Cameron Clarke, the CEO of Sunderstorm, which manufactures Kanha nanotech gummies, explained the appeal of nanotech edibles is in its faster onset.
Nano products also claim to be more stable — Select, another cannabis brand that makes nano emulsion gummies, emphasizes the consistency of their products.
The 2021 study, published in Pharmaceuticals, tested five oral CBD products on 15 participants and concluded that Caliper's water-soluble powder and liquid concentrates were absorbed more quickly than oil-based CBD tincture and CBD isolate, which are used in a majority of consumer CBD products.
By making the THC and CBD molecules smaller through emulsification, in theory, you’d need less of a nanotech weed product to achieve the same effect as a larger quantity of a non-nanotech weed product.
"So when we talk about nano weed, or nano THC, what we mean is...by decreasing the size of a particle you can increase the dissolution rate," Marcu said.
TasteOn the downside, nano emulsified edibles tend to taste worse than their non-emulsified counterparts.
If you are curious about trying out nanotech edibles, Marcu has some advice.
Image: Getty ImagesFor one, any company that brags it's the only or first company to manufacture nano emulsion weed products should probably raise red flags.
Is nanotech weed bullshit?
When starting out with nano edibles, follow the old adage: Start low, and go slow.

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