Tech retailer Newegg finally scraps 15-year ban on the name 'Mohammad'

April 08, 2021 at 04:36

Newegg users can now give their name as "Mohammad" when leaving reviews, because apparently they couldn't do that before.
The issue was brought to light by Mohammad Al-Tayyar, a government worker in Kuwait, who discovered it after attempting to review one of the products on Newegg's website.
"I was writing a review @Newegg and the system marked my name (Mohammad) as: "UNACCEPTABLE WORDS USED — offensive language," Al-Tayyar tweeted on Wednesday, sharing a screenshot of the error message.
"Is my name offensive @Newegg?"
I was writing a review @Newegg and the system marked my name (Mohammad) as :"UNACCEPTABLE WORDS USED - offensive language".
Is my name offensive @Newegg 🥚?
He was shocked to see Newegg flag his name as potentially offensive "in a big red alert all in caps."
Words were added when used inappropriately on our site, so likely there was an incident back then that led to this.
Our apologies — Newegg (@Newegg) April 8, 2021Al-Tayyar told Mashable he emailed Newegg about this issue, but has not yet received a response.
However, Newegg did quickly respond on Twitter, apologising and stating that "Mohammad" has now been removed from its list of prohibited words.
Still, Al-Tayyar questioned why his incredibly common given name had been added to the ban list at all.
"It's unfortunate that other[s] have abused that word in the past enough to cause it to be added to the list," tweeted Newegg.

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