4 Minnesota adults found dead inside SUV in Wisconsin cornfield: 'It's highly unusual'

September 15, 2021 at 05:33

A manhunt for suspects was underway in Wisconsin this week after four adults from neighboring Minnesota were found dead inside an SUV in a cornfield over the weekend, according to reports.
None of the shooting victims – two men, two women – appeared to have any direct connection to Dunn County, Wisconsin, where the bodies were found, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.
The deaths are being investigated as homicides, according to FOX 9 of Minneapolis.
Those killed were all from the St. Paul area.
Pettus was Sturm's half-brother and Foreman was Sturm's boyfriend, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.
All four had been at a St. Paul bar on Saturday night and then left in a vehicle with someone, the Pioneer Press reported.
How they wound up so far east of St. Paul remained unclear, authorities told the newspaper.
— Sheriff Kevin Bygd, Dunn County, WisconsinInvestigators also haven’t discovered a motive for the killing, which Bygd called a "mystery."
"It's highly unusual for this area," Bygd said, adding he’s never seen a quadruple homicide before.
"Obviously we've had homicides in the last several years, but something of this magnitude — working on my 33rd year working for Dunn County, and this is a first."
The bodies were found around 70 miles northeast of St. Paul, Minnesota, according to FOX 9.
The SUV was driven into a cornfield off a rural road and abandoned before the suspects likely drove away in another vehicle, Bygd said, according to the Kansas City Star.

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