Afghan artists destroy their work fearing Taliban retribution

October 13, 2021 at 07:55

Taliban paint over mural in Kabul and replace it with text that reads "don't trust the propaganda of the enemy".
Today, they're obscured by thick layers of paint, as well as Taliban slogans and flags.
"The biggest fear for me, and most of the artists I work with... is not being able to express ourselves, to criticize the power," said curator Omaid Sharifi over WhatsApp.
A mural in Kabul that depicted the US-Taliban peace agreement in Doha has been painted over and replaced with black-and-white text.
This is not the first time the Taliban has taken a stand against the arts in Afghanistan.
Watching the Taliban destroy nearly 100 of the murals he and the ArtLords team produced, Sharifi does not see room for artists to thrive under a Taliban regime.
Some artists, he added, have made the difficult decision to destroy their own work out of fear of retribution.
A mural honors the killing of George Floyd and Afghan refugees allegedly drowned in Iran reads "we can't breathe".
And we don't deserve, as artists in Afghanistan, to go through this."
An Afghan artist burns her artwork at a studio days after the Taliban takeover of the country.
Art student says she is afraid to showcase her drawings of uncovered female faces under Taliban rule.
Specializing in female portraits, she fears that if her work is viewed by the Taliban, she will face retribution.

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