The two talked for more than three hours with with no cellphones, no distractions and no breaks. Here's what they covered.

October 14, 2021 at 01:31

I needed to go into the lion's den and accept an invitation to sit down with Joe Rogan for more than three hours.
Here is a headline: Joe Rogan agreed to get vaccinatedOK, I am embellishing here, but Joe Rogan is the one guy in the country I wanted to exchange views with in a real dialogue -- one that could potentially be among the most important conversations of this entire pandemic.
Into the lion's denIt wasn't what Joe Rogan thinks that most interested me, it was how he thinks.
What he said next surprised meSo, it turns out that Joe Rogan nearly got vaccinated.
It's this sort of back and forth that makes it hard to pin Joe Rogan down, both in martial arts and a podcast interview.
For example: Even as he sometimes railed against masks, "The Joe Rogan Experience" masks emblazoned with his logo are available for sale on his website .
Both of us carried antibodies -- his from natural immunity, mine from the vaccine.
I was vaccinated in December of last year and Rogan contracted Covid at the end of August.
If nothing else comes out of my conversation with Joe Rogan, I hope at least this point does.
So the question Joe raises, as do many others: Why should those who have previously had Covid still get the vaccine?
Another issue with natural immunity is that it can vary substantially based on the age of the individual and just how sick they got in the first place.
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