8 ways to fall back asleep after waking in the night

February 23, 2021 at 09:24

Try guided sleep meditations and muscle relaxationMeditation, of course, is a great way to calm the mind.
But if you're not a practiced meditator, the act of trying to keep your mind focused might become a source of stress.
Move from your toes to your feet, calves, upper thighs and the rest of the muscle groups in the body.
Don't drink alcohol before bedDon't drink before bed, said Kolla, who studies the interaction between sleep disturbances and addictive disorders.
Beware of blue light and stimulationDon't use a computer, smartphone or tablet to jot down your worries, though, experts warn.
Melatonin, secreted in a daily 24-hour circadian rhythm, is often referred to as a "sleep hormone," because we sleep better during the night when levels peak.
"Because it is a significant activity, which may further disrupt sleep," Polotsky said.
Do those boring activities until you start feeling drowsy, and "only then return to bed," Mayo's Kolla said.
"If you do not fall asleep in another 10 minutes, again get out of bed and do the same thing.
"We do not want what we call 'dead time' in bed, time where you are in bed trying to fall asleep but not sleeping," Kolla explained.
"In addition we want the bed to be a place that you associate with sleep," Kolla added.
"The more you do other things including lay awake trying to fall asleep, the weaker this association gets and the more difficult it is to fall back asleep."

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