West Houston Roofing Company Offers Free Estimates

June 20, 2022 at 17:29

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston is pleased to announce that they are offering free estimates for roofing services in West Houston Texas and neighboring areas. Their team of skilled experts will perform a free and detailed inspection of the home, all the while treating the home as if their own. They will offer transparent guidance to the homeowner or property owner as to whether the home requires a roof repair or a complete roof replacement. Whatever the case, their team of roofing experts will work to comply with the safety and budget requirements of the client. They take pride in providing skilled roofers, quality material, and in providing a high quality experience for their customers.

Chris Cooper, owner of this roofing company, has been a successful executive, engineer, and project manager at a number of oil and gas companies during his career that lasted for more than 30 years. He has successfully led multi-billion dollar projects and businesses during his career and he is skilled in project management, financial management, business strategy, and people management and development.

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston

Chis Cooper says, “We deliver value and satisfaction to our customers by living our values of integrity, quality, professionalism and outstanding communication.”

Aside from offering free estimates, they also offer flexible and affordable payment options. This allows the client to be in control of financing their roofing requirements. They can take advantage of financing that will have no impact on their credit score and they can compare the various personalized financing offers from the different financing companies in their network and also check pre-qualified offers in just seconds. Clients can easily go through the different financing offers, checking on the payment amount, interest rate, and the duration of the financing agreement. The Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston offers a 100 percent online, customer-friendly process for homeowners to find affordable financing alternatives offered by financing companies who can quickly approve and provide the needed financing without any hassle.

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston offers various kinds of services in West Houston and surrounding areas. These include: residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutters, siding, skylights, storm damage repair, and windows. Aside from roofing, the gutters also need to be taken care of because they are vital to the health of the home’s structure. Their experts will evaluate a home’s specific gutter needs and whether the present system will need repairs or updates. Gutter repair will be needed to fix loose corners or pull back the gutters back to the fascia board, repair of leaking or dripping gutters, and diverting downspouts. They can also install seamless gutter systems, which provide the most cost-effective and durable solution.

They can also help in the installation or repair of skylights. They have a complete system of products and accessories for skylights. They also have available a complete range of windows, electronic accessories, blinds, solar panels and shades that can work well with a particular home.

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston is ready to provide roof repair or full replacement services with their team of OSHA certified and fully trained roofing professionals. They hold regular safety training meetings for their crew foreman and everyone of their foremen and roofing crews take pride in the craftsmanship that they provide for every project that they undertake. They also take pride in the education and experience of their crew in the roofing services that the provide for the home. Their crews base their actions on the Mighty Dog Pledge of cleanliness, being on-time, integrity, and top dog communication. Because they are licensed and insured, homeowners can feel protected and safe in their home and have peace of mind in the knowledge that their roof has been take care of properly.

Those who would like to know more about the services provided by a West Houston roofing company can visit the Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of West Houston
Chris Cooper
16532 Park Row, Houston, TX, 77084


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