Washington Eye Doctors Celebrates LipiFlow as Impressive Dry Eye Solution

February 28, 2023 at 12:29

Washington, D.C., — Washington Eye Doctors is emphasizing their focus on accessible yet advanced dry eye treatment with the highly effective technology of LipiFlow. This increased focus stems from the all-too common dismissal of dry eye symptoms during cold weather, such as excessive tearing when outdoors. LipiFlow is an FDA Approved, in-office procedure that treats one of the main causes of dry eye: meibomian gland dysfunction. By focusing on dry eye technology, the practice furthers their commitment of providing top-notch eye care to patients with customized dry eye treatment plans.

“We’re proud to have advanced treatments like LipiFlow available at our practice,” said Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, owner and optometrist at Washington Eye Doctors. “It’s a quick treatment for a persistent problem, which is part of why we love it. I really value being able to help my patients with dry eye, and LipiFlow provides such fast and noticeable results. The reaction to the treatment is amazing, because people realize just how much more comfortable their eyes become within a short period of time!”

patient receiving lipiflow dry eye treatment at Washington Eye Doctors

Dry eye disease is very common and is typically caused by having low quality tears or not enough of them. The two main types of dry eye disease are aqueous and evaporative. Aqueous dry eye occurs when the tear glands aren’t producing enough tears to hydrate the eyes. The latter, evaporative dry eye, occurs when the oil-producing meibomian glands don’t produce enough of the oil necessary for high-quality tears. This type of dry eye disease is typically caused by blockages, and leads to tears that evaporate too quickly. Though not inherently sight-threatening, dry eye disease can cause symptoms like redness, irritation, a higher risk of corneal injuries, blurry vision, and difficulty using contact lenses.

“What makes LipiFlow so effective as a treatment for evaporative dry eye is that it does so much more than simply apply heat,” said Dr. Steven Abraham, an optometrist at the practice. “It combines light pressure that actually massages the eye and helps relieve the clogs and blockages that can prevent meibomian glands from functioning.”

LipiFlow is capable of handling advanced cases of dry eye disease, including meibomian gland dysfunction. By using therapeutic heat to release blocked meibomian gland dysfunction in the inner lid, it helps patients find lasting relief from one of the most common causes of dry eye disease in no more than 12 minutes. In the winter, dry eye becomes even more uncomfortable as the cool air irritates the eyes and further dehydrates them. This typically occurs to patients who are sensitive to dryness in the air due to indoor heating or outdoor conditions.

“Dry eye disease is already on the rise due to our screen-focused lifestyles,” added Dr. Brooke Justis. “One thing we really want to emphasize this winter is that your eyes watering and tearing when you’re outside in the cold is actually a very common and dismissed dry eye symptom, and LipiFlow is an excellent and low-maintenance way to treat it. Unlike at-home regimens recommended for dry eye relief, you don’t have to do a warm compress every day with LipiFlow. Its long-lasting results ensure that your eyes stay moist in the winter and healthy year-round.”

Washington Eye Doctors is open and taking appointments for new and existing patients at their Washington, D.C., and Chevy Chase, MD, practices.

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