Utility Cart Provider Shore and Chore™ Retains JVI Mobile Marketing as Digital Marketing Agency

October 13, 2022 at 16:47

Shore and Chore™, a company based in Naperville, IL, that offers the world’s most versatile utility cart, announced that it recently retained JVI Mobile as its digital marketing agency to help it get the recognition that it deserves and boost its sales. Shore and Chore utility carts can be useful for easily bringing everything a person needs for the beach, at a job site, for yard work, and more. These utility carts may actually be great gifts for people who love beach activities, such as paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, and more because they are always lugging around large items outside or at work. The Shore and Chore utility cart has several unique features. These include: telescopic arms, unique design, improved stability, protective padding, removable front and back, and improved design for easy maneuverability.

At the beach, the Shore and Chore utility cart has been designed to help the user get those surf boards, paddle boards, and more to the beach in just one trip. It has adjustable pullout sides that offer a secure fit while allowing easy adjustment to the various kinds of water boards and different types of beach gear of all sizes. An optional front stabilizing wheel is also available for additional stability. And it has a maximum cargo weight of 400 pounds.

Shore and Chore canvas side panels are also available to serve as heavy duty covers to provide additional protection for items loaded on the cart. An inside padded panel can also be flipped down to cushion the water board’s lower surface during transport and protect it from scraping and scratching. These canvas slip covers also have front and back panels with pockets for smaller items, including beverage holders, such as cans, bottles, and thermos.

At work, the Shore and Chore utility cart can be adapted as a work cart because of its multifunction design. The pull-out sides enable its use for towing vertically oriented items, including gutters, ladders, light sheeting, two by fours, cardboard, and more. Meanwhile, the interior cage provides sufficient space for tools, big blocky items, and other similar items. Thus, the utility cart may be used for home repair and maintenance, carpentry and wood working, light construction, and for moving items in a warehouse.

In the yard, the Shore and Chore utility cart can be used all year round. The expanding sides allow the user to safely and securely transport long handled tools including: ladders, rakes, pruners, shovels, and hoes, while the cart’s interior can be used for various kinds of garden gear, planters, buckets, hose, heavy bags, and trash cans. This utility cart has a high ground clearance and large 12” tires that allow for easy pulling over tall grass or rough terrain.

The Shore and Chore utility cart originated from the problem that Curt Kramer and his family encountered every time they went to the beach. As his two daughters got older and learned to swim, they found themselves spending more time on the shores of Lake Michigan and started bringing a lot of items with them to the beach, including paddle boards. They thought of designing a cart where the paddle boards can be easily placed, including the many other items they usually brought to the beach. They soon realized that the utility cart need not be used for only for bringing things to the beach. They can also be useful for various chores around the house. Those who are interested in learning more about the utility carts can visit the Shore and Chore website or contact them via email.

Meanwhile, founded in 2012, JVI Mobile Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that is ready to help businesses grow by determining their ideal customer and speaking directly to them. Since the start, they have already worked with more than 175 clients, with 70 percent of them staying with them for more than a year. And their philosophy of continuous growth and improvement helps their customers grow as they never stop learning new techniques.


For more information about Shore And Chore, contact the company here:

Shore And Chore
Curt Kramer
The E.A.C.H. Company LLC
P.O. Box 2343
Naperville , Illinois 60567


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