Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach Completes Tree Trimming on 10 Palms in 5 Hours

November 09, 2021 at 00:23

Ormond Beach, Florida – Yesterday, Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach got a chance to prove its ability to complete complicated tree service procedures quickly. The company was hired by Morrison Geralds to trim ten palm trees. Each of the palm trees was over 70 feet tall and had a bigger than average crown spread. Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach reportedly used only 5 hours to trim the ten palms.

“Whenever the palm trees are trimmed,” said Morrison Geralds, “a family member has to be around to ensure the correct procedure is followed and the trees are given a desirable shape. Yesterday, the family had planned an outing later in the afternoon and were hoping that Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach would complete the tree trimming procedure early enough.”

Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach

Morrison noted that Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach arrived on his landscape at exactly 8 am. The homeowner was thinking that the company would spend at least 2 hours on each tree – this translated into a total of 20 hours.

“Since the family was sure that the company wouldn’t stay on the landscape for 20 hours straight,” said Morrison Geralds. “Everyone hoped that they would spread out the hours in four days – this would mean that they would work for 5 hours every day.”

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“The family, however, was in for a huge surprise,” added Morrison. “The Ormond Beach tree trimming team spent 5 hours on the trees. However, even though everyone expected the company to use 4 times this amount of time on the trees, the company used the initial 5 hours to do an amazing job on the 10 palm trees. By 1 pm, the company had already finished tree trimming, collected the waste generated by the procedure and was waiting for the paycheck.”

Morrison Geralds noted that the company gave his family enough time to prepare for their outing. He also added that the team followed his instructions and used its years of experience to add maximum value to his trees.

“What’s more,” added Morrison Geralds, “the company’s ability to finish its job quickly translated into a much lower tree trimming cost. The company charged 60% of what the family had budgeted for the tree trimming procedure.”

Interested in understanding how Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach finished a large tree trimming project quickly, reporters visited the company’s offices. The reporters were lucky to find the company’s CEO around.

“When it comes to finishing professional tree services in Ormond Beach quickly,” the Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach CEO told the reporters. “The company’s tree cutting professionals in Ormond Beach rely on their experience and modern tree service tools.”

The CEO noted that while other companies focus on using manual climbing when trimming and pruning trees, Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach takes advantage of the bucket truck. Unlike manual climbing, the bucket truck reportedly reduces the climbing time to just a couple of seconds.

“When cutting the branches,” added the Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach CEO, “the tree trimming team in Ormond Beach does not use manual tools. Instead, the team takes advantage of power saws. On a branch that would take 20 minutes to cut with manual tools, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Ormond Beach takes a minute or two.”

The CEO noted that the ability to reduce the time spent on each step involved in tree trimming helped the company cut the total project time. Instead of spending 2 hours on each tree as Morrison had expected, the company spent 30 minutes on each tree.

Tree Service Pros Ormond Beach schedules its tree service procedures from its base of operation located at 570 Memorial Cir, Ormond Beach, FL 32174, United States. Tree owners, however, can contact the company via +1 321-221-5154 and


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