SUN Columbus Website Gets a Whole New Look

November 25, 2022 at 19:30

Columbus, OH: SUN Behavioral Health in Columbus is a part of the SUN Behavioral Health family, one of four locations across the country dedicated to helping their communities thrive. SUN Behavioral understands the importance of change and progress and reflects that in their decision to revamp and modernize their websites for all of their locations.

Over 90% of adults in America have access to the internet. It’s the primary way many people look up information, from finding a place to eat to googling symptoms they might be dealing with. This is why it’s important to have a user-friendly, modern website for patients to use. Making sure the factual information provided is quick and easy to find can help ensure people get the answers they need when they need them most. In some cases, these answers could even be life-saving.

These new sites have all gone live today. The goal is to continue to keep up with the latest technology and identify ways to provide for patients. This can help remove as many barriers as possible for those wishing to seek treatment for substance use or mental health. These sites will stay up to date with accurate information on treatment options, staff and facility information, insurance information, and educational blogs that answer many patients’ questions about a variety of conditions.

The site covers a variety of topics, from signs of overdose for specific substances, to how to help someone struggling with depression, to tips on living with bipolar disorder – and that’s only scratching the surface. This information is just as accessible on a computer as it is on a smartphone, meaning more community members can easily find the answers to the questions they might have. It’s important for this information to be as accessible as possible in order to help provide education to destigmatize substance recovery and mental health treatments.

SUN Behavioral Health Columbus is a psychiatric hospital with 144 beds located on the northern side of Columbus. It provides a full spectrum of specialized care, from outpatient hospital service to inpatient treatment. They understand the importance of having options for their community, so they offer specific treatments for different age groups. Whether a patient is looking to start their recovery journey from a substance use disorder, is seeking help for their mental health, or a combination of the two, SUN Behavioral in Columbus is here to help. The new website provides all the information needed in an easy-to-navigate fashion, and this information is available by phone as well at 614-706-2786.


For more information about SUN Behavioral Columbus, contact the company here:

SUN Behavioral Columbus
900 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43229


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