Shore And Chore Makes a Waitlist Announcement Regarding Its Highly Anticipated Multi-Purpose Utility Cart

November 18, 2022 at 01:09

Shore And Chore is announcing its wait list for its newly manufacturing high-quality steel utility carts. These new carts are perfect for getting all of your gear to the beach in one convenient trip, or for use at work or in the yard. The company, which traces its roots to a dilemma the owner’s family had conveniently getting all their stuff to the beach, will be offering its products online at Because of the demand the company expects for its new product, Shore and Chore just announced that it has created a waiting list for its highly anticipated new multi-purpose utility cart.

The company’s owner, Curt Kramer, says, “We are so proud of all the hard work that went into the design of our Shore and Chore utility cart. Our team stopped at nothing to create a utility cart design that’s very impressive, to say the least. Quite simply put, you would be hard-pressed to find a more versatile and durable hauler for all your beach, work or yard gear.”

Kramer explained why so many are eager to get their names on the waitlist for this exceptional beach, work, and yard cart. It all starts with this product’s unique design. Among the highlighted features are its expanding sides. He says this allows the user to configure their Shore and Chore utility cart to meet the hauling demands of their specific needs. The company’s owner says that the product was designed that way to haul longer items that would not fit on more traditional utility carts. Examples of some of the longer items that can easily be toted on the Shore and Chore utility cart include paddle boards, surfboards, and step ladders. For additional versatility, the front and back sides can be removed altogether, transforming the cart into a flat bed.

Purchasers will rave about the enhanced stability this sturdy utility cart shows when it's being moved around. Much of this is due to the oversized all-terrain tires on its wider wheelbase and higher ground clearance. Kramer says that once someone factors in that it can be purchased with protective padding for its sides and additional pockets for storage, it’s easy to see why so many are eager to purchase the upcoming Shore and Chore utility cart.

The company’s owner also pointed out that those who put their names on the newly created waitlist for the new Shore and Chore utility cart will be able to purchase it in one of three packages. This includes the least expensive Basic Shore and Chore™ package. A model that does not come with the protective padding for those that are hauling more rugged items such as generators, shovels, and light construction items such as chop saws. He also discussed the Standard Shore and Chore™ package which is a mid-range priced utility cart that does have padded sides and front and black slipcovers. For all around use, most will likely choose the Premium Shore and Chore™ package which features all the bells and whistles of the standard package plus a bicycle towing adapter kit and a front stabilizer wheel. All three versions come with 4 included bungee cords too.

Kramer added that they are also proud to back up their products with a generous 1-year limited warranty and a fair return policy. He said that those who place their names on the waiting list for the new Shore and Chore utility cart can expect an announcement soon as to when the product will be available for shipping. He added that he expected the shipping date to be early January 2023. The waiting list can be accessed on the company website and more information on their products can be seen there or on Shore and Chore's Instagram account.


For more information about Shore And Chore, contact the company here:

Shore And Chore
Curt Kramer
The E.A.C.H. Company LLC
P.O. Box 2343
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