Rose Sanders Discusses How The Contingency Fee Works During A Car Accident Claim

September 27, 2021 at 16:55

Erica Rose from Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC has published a blog post discussing the contingency fee that is charged when a victim hires a law firm to defend their case.

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There are many fees associated with fighting a lawsuit. Lawyers charge various fees such as court reporter fees, expert witness fees, medical records retrieval fees, and more. The client is responsible for these fees in most cases. They are crucial to the success of the case as a lawyer or law firm needs to have the resources to build up the evidence and data that corroborate the plaintiff’s claims. Many firms operate on the inability to collect from the client. This means that they will terminate the case and stop working on it if the fees are not paid. Some larger personal injury firms will cover all the fees and expenses on the client’s behalf and will deduct the fees from the settlement or judgment won. If one is planning on filing a lawsuit for an accidental injury that they have suffered, it is critical to understand the fee structure of the law firm they approach, to understand how the proceedings are going to be paid for. One such critical component of a law firm’s fee structure is the contingency fee.

A contingency fee differs from an hourly fee that a lawyer or law firm usually charges. A contingency fee is named so because it is contingent on the injured party winning the lawsuit or receiving a settlement for their case. The contingency fee keeps the law firm motivated to ensure they try their best to get as much restitution as possible from the offending party because then it will directly translate to a higher fee for themselves. It also assures the victim that the law firm will work in their best interests and always put the best foot forward to maximize the monetary reward from the court. Readers can head over to the Rose Sanders Law Firm website at to find out more about its contingency fees and fee structure.

Usually, a contingency fee is calculated as a fixed percentage of the final settlement or jury award. In most cases, it can be anywhere from 25 to 40 percent and varies based on the severity of the case. Cases that get settled usually lead to the victim recovering lower damages than if the case goes to trial. If the case gets settled, the law firm’s contingency fee might be lower. If the case goes in front of a jury, the lawyer may charge a higher contingency fee. Contingency fees are not applicable to all kinds of personal injury lawsuits. In more complicated car accident cases that involve vehicular manslaughter or criminal activities, the law firms are most likely to charge an hourly rate along with a significant retainer.

A spokesperson for Rose Sanders talks about the practice of charging contingency fees by saying, “Contingency fees are a way for a client to be at peace knowing that the lawyer has an extra incentive to work hard on their case beyond the hourly rate that they are getting paid. The fees help plaintiffs get favorable results more often and even form a significant portion of the law firm’s income. Every plaintiff should ask their law firm beforehand about the contingency fee that they charge just to avoid any conflict after the case has been settled or decided in court. The law firm will also, most likely, be available to negotiate the contingency fee if the particular case merits it. You can work with the law firm to ensure that the fee structure is set up such that you are confident that you are getting the best legal representation possible.”

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