Roots To Table Announces Charcuterie Board Set And Tips

May 03, 2022 at 16:26

Roots To Table, seller of a charcuterie board and knife set on, has recently shared an article from Savour Ontario, a local food and lifestyle hub operated by Dairy Farmers of Ontario, a collective of Ontario’s dairy farm families. The article offers suggestions for designing a charcuterie board, and especially unique options for foods to pair with different cheeses to build a cheese board that is dressed to impress.

Readers may be interested in using this article as a reference when piling a variety of delicious meats, cheeses, and other foods onto the bamboo charcuterie board set sold by Root To Table. The article from Savour Ontario opens with a few “key tips” for a successful cheese board selection, including selecting a variety of different types of cheese, such as soft cheeses, hard cheeses, and all the in between cheeses, and pairing them with contrasting flavoured condiments. The article then lists a number of foods that could pair well with a variety of cheeses from Ontario, Canada.

For example, Savour Ontario suggests mustard as a condiment that could go well with cheddars or other aged hard, sharp cheeses. Olives are found commonly on cheese boards, and it’s important to note that olives can have vastly different tastes and appearances depending on where - and what type of olive tree - they come from. As such, not all olives will pair well with the same kinds of cheese, and some discretion is advised. The article also offers horseradish and red pepper jelly as savory foods for pairing with various cheeses on a cheese board. Because their main advice is to find contrasting flavors, the article also offers a number of sweet foods that could pair well with other cheeses, especially fresh, creamy cheeses. Honeycomb, the hexagonal structure of wax chambers worker bees build to hold their honey, is both pleasing to look at and delicious, especially when paired with a blue cheese or gruyere. Fruits, such as dried goji berries and honeycrisp apples, are included in the list, and, in a quintessentially Canadian move, Savour Ontario also recommends maple syrup, or the similarly sweet Dulce de leche, with an Asiago or an aged Cheddar. These are just some of the many ideas suggested in the article Beyond Cheese & Charcuterie: Unique Pairing Ideas to Level Up Your Cheese Board article by Savour Ontario.

The team at Roots To Table especially appreciated the wisdom in this line from the article: “Lastly, always choose items you love eating! Though the aesthetics of the board might be pretty high on your priorities, it shouldn’t have to come at the expense of enjoying every single item on it! If something isn’t in your wheelhouse, simply switch it out with another item with a similar flavour profile.” Roots To Table is in favor of people making charcuterie boards that are catered to their own unique tastes, especially when they arranging the appetizers for a celebration of themselves, such as a graduation or birthday party.

Readers who enjoy designing the best cheese and charcuterie boards may especially enjoy using the charcuterie board set from Roots To Table, which is generously sized to serve a large party, and is made from 100% natural bamboo. The set comes with four pieces of cutlery, each designed with stainless steel blades and bamboo handles that match the board, and the cutlery can be conveniently stored inside a drawer in the charcuterie board, or pulled out for display. The drawer pulls out completely so the set can be cleaned thoroughly. With enough capacity for a wide variety of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts, and other toppings, this fine charcuterie board set is sure to impress every guest.

With pairing ideas such as those offered by Savour Ontario, and this gourmet quality charcuterie board from Roots To Table, anyone can put together inviting and delicious cheese boards to wow their guests for any occasion, whatever they want to celebrate.


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