RCA Indiana Educates on the Stages of Alcoholism

September 11, 2023 at 19:01

Recovery Centers of America in Indianapolis recently shared an article discussing the stages of alcoholism. In Indiana, 48% of Hoosiers 12 and older have reported alcohol use within the past year. RCA acknowledges that alcohol can be very commonplace in many households and friendship circles, which can sometimes make it more difficult to recognize when drinking becomes more than that.

“There are multiple factors that can contribute to someone developing an AUD, and it’s not as simple as ‘drinking too often.’” The blog starts out. Many people don’t always realize the exact definition of alcoholism, otherwise known as an alcohol use disorder. There are many stigmas and stereotypes surrounding it that can cloud the truth behind what a real AUD looks like.

First, the blog outlines some of the common sources behind an AUD. “Everything from your genetics, your background, your peers, your mental health, and more can play into an AUD. Oftentimes, a combination of family, stress, peers, economic status, and sometimes untreated mental health conditions can all lead to someone developing an AUD.” There’s no singular source for an AUD, but RCA is determined and able to assist anyone with an AUD, no matter their reasons or history of alcohol use.

The blog then goes on to outline the four primary stages of alcoholism – the pre-alcoholism stage, early-stage alcoholism, mid-stage alcoholism, and finally end-stage alcoholism. The journey to addiction normally begins with people experimenting and trying new drinks, just learning about alcohol or trying to explore it further. “The younger someone has their first drink, the more likely they are to develop an AUD, according to the NIAAA,” the blog points out. “Here in Indiana, the average age when someone has their first drink is 12 years old.”

The end-stage, on the other hand, is usually the breaking point for most. “Many people who are in this stage have had alcohol as a staple in their life for a while now.” This can make it a more difficult habit to break, as those in the mid and end stages also have a high risk of experiencing withdrawal when they’re not drinking. “Withdrawal can start as quickly as 6 hours after your last drink and tends to be the most severe for the first 72 hours. Many symptoms will start to subside after that, but not all will go away without proper treatment and care. The most severe symptoms that can occur include tremors, hallucinations, and even seizures.”

Finally, the blog goes on to explain how to better identify when drinking becomes “problem drinking.” Not everyone who drinks is destined to develop an AUD, nor is drinking inherently a negative thing. It’s when it crosses certain thresholds that it can become a concern. “If you find yourself thinking about drinking whenever you get into high-stress situations, that can be a sign that your drinking habits aren’t as healthy as they should be. If you find you crave drinks whenever you aren’t drinking, you think about drinking often, or if you’re unable to stop drinking once you start, these can also be signs that your relationship with alcohol could use some help.”

The team at Recovery Centers of America in Indianapolis offers evidence-based care for clients of all needs. Located at the “crossroads of America,” just 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis, individuals from all over the Midwest can utilize their state-of-the-art facilities and recovery program. They work hard to be accessible to as many people in their community as possible. They’re also in-network with most insurances, offer transport up to 4 hours away, and accept admissions 24/7. Learn more about them on their website, or by giving them a call at 1-800-RECOVERY. It’s never too late to start or return to recovery.


For more information about Recovery Centers of America at Indianapolis, contact the company here:

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