Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Assures Fast, Secure Remote Online Notary in Florida

January 26, 2023 at 17:20

Jacksonville, Florida - Leveraging the use of technology, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials assures fast and secure remote online notarization in Florida.

Utilizing a platform with KBA, or Knowledge-Based Authentication, the Remote Online Notary Florida assures the safety and security of the documents they handle. Using KBA, the signer's identity is confirmed by scanning their license or passport. In addition, this technology allows clients and notaries to conduct a video conference that is recorded, saved for ten years, and ensures the security of the transaction.

With this innovation, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials can notarize various documents. A passport copy, power of attorney, parental consent, a quitclaim deed, a trust deed, a form for unclaimed property, a request for a duplicate title, and travel documents are some of the most common documents they notarize. The remote online notary can expedite transactions, enabling clients to achieve their goals.

Remote online notarization enables notaries to sign papers remotely, regardless of location. Clients of Rainbow Notary and Nuptials can sign documents from anywhere worldwide using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once signed, clients return the documents to Rainbow Notary and Nuptials for the next step in the legalization process.

Rainbow Notary And Nuptials also have a network of notaries, including Selecia Young-Jones, Michele Klempner, Karen Albert Warren, Beth Briand, Lisa Escobar Rosado, Zouii Morton, and Lisa Marie Carniello. They serve clients throughout Florida and the surrounding states.

The Florida-based company established its remote internet notarization service in 2020. In addition to online notarization, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials is the region's most reputable wedding officiant. They prioritize the demands of the clients and offer customized services. Interested parties can visit https://rainbownotaryandnuptials.com/ to learn more about their services.

Rainbow Notary and Weddings also operates the Rainbow Wedding Chapel, located just across the street from the Duval County Courthouse at 440 W Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The chapel is ideal for walk-in weddings and is a good option for budget-conscious couples.

"We provide the ceremony and offer complimentary consultations with the couple to create the ideal service for their special day.” They continue, "We ensure that the license is filed with the appropriate Clerk of Courts."

Rainbow Notary And Nuptials can be reached by phone at (904) 333-7311 or (904) 724-6269. Those who wish to book an appointment may send an email to 904rainbow@gmail.com. Rainbow Notary And Nuptials is at 428 W Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.


For more information about RAINBOW MOBILE NOTARY & NUPTIALS WEDDING OFFICIANTS NETWORK , contact the company here:

Selecia Jones
904- 333-7311
"428 W Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202"


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