Radon Eliminator "Makes the Grade" for Ohio Commercial and Residential Mitigations

May 25, 2022 at 20:49

Radon Eliminator is one of northeast Ohio's highest-reviewed radon testing and mitigation companies.

Since its inception nearly ten years ago, the company has become synonymous with quality and effective service, as evidenced by its 100+ five-star reviews.


With a long history of innovation, Radon Eliminator has recently continued this trend by performing a "slab on grade" mitigation in Ashland, Ohio. Radon Eliminator can now perform slab-on-grade services and their typical basement and crawl space mitigations.

"This is a service we offer for commercial buildings and residential homes," says Tyler Murphy, Radon Eliminators' top Environmental Radon Specialist. "Many people assume that radon is only a concern for private homes. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Radon is indiscriminate. It can affect homes, offices, churches, schools, or any enclosed structure. That's why testing and mitigation are so crucial. It saves lives."

In addition to this misconception that radon is only a threat to private homes, many people believe that radon mitigations can only be performed on buildings where one has access to the space beneath the structure, such as basements or crawl spaces. This is also patently untrue. Any large building where people spend a significant amount of time, including nursing homes, apartment complexes, schools, townhouses, condos, churches, office buildings, daycares, government buildings, dorm rooms, assisted living facilities, and more, could benefit from having a radon mitigation system.

Effective radon mitigation can be performed on any structure, and thanks to Radon Eliminator, it can be done effectively and at a competitive price.

When asked about how a radon mitigation specialist could install a radon mitigation system when they do not have access to the space beneath a building, Murphy had this to say:

"Frankly, there is very little difference between the actual installation of a mitigation system regardless of building type. Admittedly, the process is more straightforward when we have access to the space beneath the building, but our team can easily install a system underneath a structure that does not have space underneath. The biggest difference is that after we dig down, we also have to dig horizontally. Other than that, the system installs and runs the same way as any other."

Radon Eliminator has performed thousands of tests and mitigations for homes and commercial buildings. Even though many of those services have been for private homes, many have been for commercial buildings.

"Exposure to unsafe radon levels for a prolonged period could have catastrophic effects on people's health," says Murphy. "So many people assume that if their home is safe, they are safe. But they never stop to think about where they spend their 9 to 5. Yes, it's important to have your home protected against radon, but it is equally critical for your schools and workplaces."


Radon Eliminator offers competitive pricing and effective services for protecting workers against the potentially lethal effects of radon gas. Visit their website at www.radoneliminator.com today to learn how to eliminate the threat of this silent killer.


For more information about Radon Eliminator, contact the company here:

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