PSS: International Movers Highlight Reasons To Move South Africa

January 30, 2023 at 17:41

UK based PSS International Removals is taking steps to show the community why they may want to move to South Africa. PSS International Removals is one of the UK’s leading Personal Shipping Services, specializing in undertaking international removals and shipping for personal effects. Learn more about the company’s removal services to South Africa at the following link:

PSS International Removals CEO Liam Witham says “As always, there are a lot of people looking at leaving South Africa, but recently, a fair amount of people are actually looking to return to South Africa for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the cost of living, spacious properties, career opportunities, beaches, nature, slower pace of life, leisure activities, and great private healthcare. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the reasons why people might want to move to South Africa.”

great reasons to move to south africa

In a blog post, PSS International Removals has shared no fewer than 25 great reasons for moving to South Africa. One of the key reasons discussed is the cost of living. As the article explains, the 2022 Cost of Living Survey from Mercer looked at 227 major cities across the world to assess the cost of living. They took a look at factors like housing, food, clothing, transportation, entertainment, and household goods. According to the survey, rent is nearly 63% cheaper in Cape Town than a property in London. Similarly, consumer prices are roughly 47% lower in Cape Town, and it once again wins out for food, with groceries being nearly 40% lower and the costs of eating out being 51% lower. All of this can be very attractive for someone looking for a change of pace.

On a similar note, the post also highlights that property is cheaper in South Africa. Not only does the country have a wealth of stunning properties, but it is also easy to get a beautiful place with a view for a much lower price. Data shows that the average price of a house in Cape Town — which is the most expensive city in the country — was 1.6 million South African rands in 2022, which is about £80,000. This means that buying a nice house in a decent area is within the reach of many people moving to South Africa.

The excellent private healthcare system is also a major draw of South Africa. The country has a healthcare system that is just as good as anywhere in Europe or the US. The hospitals are all first-class, and there are plenty of medical aid schemes to choose from to ensure that one can get the perfect coverage. In fact, the country is popular for plastic surgery and boasts some of the best plastic surgeons on the planet, making it a choice location for anyone interested in such services.

Whilst it may appear to be a massive undertaking to move belongings from London to South Africa, the company believes that there is more to consider here. For instance, with the help of a dedicated international moving company like PSS International Removals, no one has any cause to worry about international moves being a problem. The company has a great deal of experience in packing up and shipping to South Africa (and many other countries worldwide).

Witham says, “Our team at PSS International Removals helps hundreds of families and expats move to South Africa every year. In fact, it is much easier, and not nearly as expensive as you might think, to move your belongings overseas. We have connections to major ports, and can also arrange door-to-door delivery to inland destinations such as Pretoria and Johannesburg, as well as Cape Town and Durban, making a move from London to South Africa incredibly easy for you. If you are interested in learning more, just get in touch with us, and we would be glad to get you started.”

Those who are considering an international move to South Africa or elsewhere should visit the PSS International Removals website. Liam Witham encourages interested parties to get in touch with him directly via phone or email for any additional questions or concerns. PSS International Removals also maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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