Professional Window Cleaning Service Available In Destin

February 15, 2023 at 00:30

Destin, Florida -

Florida based company Optimum Window Cleaning is pleased to inform the Destin community that its services are now available for all customers in the area. The company is able to address the needs of both commercial and residential customers, offering a combination of timely service, flexible schedules, comprehensive window cleaning and so much more. Those interested may visit the company website to learn more about their services.

Established approximately a decade ago, this family owned-and-operated business has always focused first and foremost on window cleaning services. While the company has since expanded to offer a series of additional services to better meet the community’s needs, including pressure washing, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning and so on, window cleaning remains the team’s specialty. As a result, this is where the company is best able to leave a mark, and it is now known for its ability to tackle virtually any property’s windows, no matter how large or small. Notably, Optimum Window Cleaning is fully trained, insured, and certified, and the team is committed to the safety and convenience of all of their customers.

“Whenever you hire a contractor or other party to work on your home,” states Optimum Window Cleaning, “you are essentially trusting your home to their goodwill and capabilities. This makes it vital for you to choose a company that is reliable and know what they are doing. In Destin, when it comes to window cleaning, homeowners and businesses can turn to us for all their window cleaning needs. Every member of our team is carefully picked to ensure they meet our customers’ expectations, and they receive ongoing training to insure they are always able to deliver an exceptional, professional result. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.”

It may be unusual for some to consider that their window cleaning service should maintain safety standards where the customer and the property is concerned. After all, a cleaner will likely deal with some risk on the job, such as when cleaning windows above a certain height. However, Optimum Window Cleaning points out that the customer can be affected by a cleaner’s poor choices as well, and it is in their best interests to check that the service they hire is always using the right products and equipment.

For instance, the company points out that all a cleaner’s gear needs to be secured and accounted for at all times. Children at a family residence may not always exercise the right degree of care, and a window cleaning company can negate most of this risk by implementing common sense precautions to keep cleaning products and so on out of their reach. Further, it is crucial that the products being used are least likely to cause damage to the surrounding environment or the customers themselves. This includes any residue leftover after a cleaning.

To minimize the risk to customers, property and the environment as a whole, the company makes it a point to use only products from manufacturers that have partnered with the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Design for the Environment program. These products have also been reviewed by the EPA as well as third-party accreditation contractors to meet the company’s goals for safety.

Optimum Window Cleaning explains, “There are many factors to consider when assigning a safety rating to a product. Each phase of its life cycle, including raw material selection, chemical safety, resource use, and occupational health and safety has to be taken into account, and the parties involved also determine what advice should be given to customers on how best to use it. All of this is assessed, reviewed and externally verified.” The result of this is that all of the products deployed by the company are septic safe, and Optimum Window Cleaning is pleased to confirm that they are similarly safe for its customers’ families, pets, homes, businesses and the environment.

Anyone who needs a professional window cleaning service can call or email Optimum Window Cleaning today to learn more. Customers are also invited to check out the company Facebook page to stay up to date with its latest news and offers.


For more information about Optimum Window Cleaning Destin, contact the company here:

Optimum Window Cleaning Destin
Michael Wood
981 US-98, Suite 3-233
Destin, FL 32541


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