Pathfinders Recovery Center Ready to Offer Drug Rehab Treatment in Colorado Through Their Aurora Location

April 06, 2022 at 17:07

Aurora, Colorado -

Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado) is happy to announce that their Aurora Colorado location is ready to receive clients and it is suitable for offering treatment throughout the Boulder State. The services of a drug rehab center in Colorado are very much in demand in the State of Colorado, with most insurance coverage accepted and leading drug rehab facilities that offer medical detox, spacious living rooms, exercise areas, and well-known therapists that help clients build a good foundation through the application of cognitive behavioral therapies, adventure therapy, and the like. From their suitability primarily for alcohol and drug detox and rehab to their expertise in co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis treatment, the Pathfinders Recovery management team alone has more than 25 years of experience in the field and offers a clear and compelling choice for residents of the state.

Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado) employs a holistic approach to facilitate a patient’s recovery. Their team of expert professionals will customize the treatment programs for each individual that have a positive impact on long term recovery while minimizing the risks of a relapse. In addition, their recovery team will help the patient in learning coping techniques for co-occurring disorders and help the patient regain a healthy physical well being.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers location in Aurora CO features spacious housing and luxury grade amenities

Those are looking for a drug rehab facility in Colorado will need to decide whether to go for inpatient or outpatient drug rehab. Both have their pros and cons and the patient, in consultation with an addiction expert, will need to choose. The benefits of inpatient drug rehab are: 24/7 access to the care providers; built-in accountability; total focus on recovery because there are no distractions; less chance of relapse; and provision of treatment for co-occurring disorders. On the other hand, outpatient treatment offers: possibility of attending to a regular job or schooling schedule; need to have a desire to be accountable from the outset; and the fact that insurance covers only outpatient treatment.

Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado) also offers dual diagnosis treatment centers in Colorado. Dual diagnosis means the individual is suffering both from an addiction and some kind of major mental illness. Sadly, recent studies have revealed that at least 9 million Americans have dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. And the data is likely to be inaccurate because many people with substance addiction or mental health problems do not look for treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers are special treatment facilities with the resources and expertise required to treat cases of co-occurring disorder. Some of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers are based in substance rehab facilities. Dual diagnosis centers will not just treat the symptoms of the addiction problem but they will also treat the symptoms of mental disorder. It has two phases: detox and inpatient care. Dual diagnosis detox will help the patient in coping with the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal and features round-the-clock medical services, quick response time for medical emergencies, and a secure environment for patients who may not have a stable home environment.

Dual diagnosis detox is typically followed by inpatient treatment. These residential dual diagnosis treatment centers offer the same basic benefits as residential detox programs. And they also offer the time required for extensive treatment. Medication is frequently used in dual diagnosis care.

Launched in 2017, the leaders and partners at Pathfinders Recovery Center have 25+ years of combined experience in providing treatment for various types of addiction and co-occurring disorders and in helping those who are struggling with an addiction to begin their journey towards recovery. They offer drug and alcohol rehab services at their advanced treatment facilities in Colorado and Arizona. They have also developed a program that teaches integrity, honesty, hard work, responsibility, and leadership to their clients. The primary goal of the program is for clients to have sober life in the end. They offer people struggling with an addiction different kinds of tools that they require to build a solid foundation on which to have a clean, sober, and accomplished life.

Those who would like to know more about drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Colorado can visit the Pathfinders Recovery Center website, or contact them through the telephone.


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