Parent’s Guide To Addiction Services In Phoenix

October 21, 2022 at 21:21

AZ based Pinnacle Peak Recovery is recommending that parents check out their article on addiction recovery services for young people in Phoenix. Despite the fact that no parent wants to see their child undergo such difficulties, it is important that they recognize the risks that young people are facing. Similarly, knowing how and where to seek professional help can have a deep, positive impact on a person's life and future.

“It's a story you are all too familiar with,” the article states. “A young person during what should be a joyful period of self-discovery finds themselves with a substance use issue. Parents feel helpless as their adult child seems stuck in a series of self-destructive patterns. Maybe you wish you could still send them to their room and take away their car keys as a strategy to encourage behavior change. Maybe you feel like this is somehow your fault and the guilt is overwhelming. In the face of this personal struggle, it is easy to feel hopeless.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, a parent who has discovered their child is dealing with an addiction should keep in mind that there are numerous options at their disposal. To begin with, it is advised that they reach out to a professional service, such as the team at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, to learn what their first steps should be. It can be difficult to convince a young person suffering from addiction to seek help, but the organization has worked with countless teenagers and young adults and understands what strategies are most likely to have positive outcomes. In short, they say parents need to hold on to the fact that neither they nor their child is alone in this struggle.

As the article says, “At Pinnacle Peak Recovery our goal is not to scare you into making a rash decision about your adult child’s care but to give you useful information so that you know you are making sound decisions, and to give you the hope to know that recovery is not only possible, it is likely!” Parents should likewise rest assured that there is hope for their child’s recovery and that there are professionally designed resources available for both them and their child. Further, they should make an effort to learn as much about these resources as possible before coming to a decision — Pinnacle Peak Recovery states that such information can help parents and their adult child determine which resources will be most helpful during the recovery journey.

A substance use disorder, contrary to what some may believe, need not refer only to illegal substances. Both legal and illegal drugs as well as alcohol and so on can lead to a substance use disorder when consumed improperly, and this is also commonly known as an addiction. In addition to recognizing when a young person displays behavior that may indicate they are suffering from an addiction, Pinnacle Peak Recovery says parents should be aware that about half of people experiencing substance abuse disorder also have a co-occurring mental disorder (also known as a dual diagnosis). More information on why this may be can be found in the full article.

Should a parent be concerned about their adult child, they may be able to identify whether the latter is experiencing a substance abuse disorder based on their behavior. A person having severe financial difficulties, for instance, may indicate the presence of a disorder, especially if it is difficult to see where the money is going. Further, the individual in question may resort to increasingly extreme measures in order to get extra money, such as borrowing recklessly or stealing. Pinnacle Peak Recovery says they may also become more isolated, display poor judgment overall, experience depression or mood swings, appear to have a severe lack of motivation (especially in former hobbies and other pursuits that were important to them), and so on.

A more expansive list of the signs of substance abuse disorder can be found in the full article from Pinnacle Peak Recovery, along with numerous details regarding the various substances a young adult can become involved with and how parents may go about showing support and helping them seek help.

As the article concludes, “If you are ready to learn more about potential care options for your child please feel free to contact us at Pinnacle Peak Recovery Center so that we can serve you and your family as you work together through the challenges of overcoming addiction.” Pinnacle Peak Recovery can be reached immediately via phone if a parent requires immediate assistance. More information is available on their official website as well.


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