Moon And Owl Marketing Founder Jordan Fowler Featured on The Agency Toolkit Podcast

April 06, 2022 at 23:01

Fort Worth, Texas -

Moon and Owl Marketing founder Jordan Fowler was recently featured on The Agency Toolkit Podcast, a podcast hosted by Julia McLaughlin which discusses stories, strategies, and techniques to help aspiring entrepreneurs build a successful and profitable digital marketing agency.

DFW-based digital marketing agency Moon and Owl Marketing works with regional as well as international brands. The agency helps companies craft marketing narratives that get to the heart of their users’ problems and proposes solutions that are the best fit for the challenges that they facing in their domain. The company manages to provide these advantages through a combination of web development and digital marketing services such as web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, copywriting services, graphic design, and traditional advertising.

The host of the podcast begins by asking Jordan about his entrepreneurial journey, the lessons he has learned along the way, and what inspires and motivates him as an entrepreneur. Jordan responds by sharing the core mission that drives every aspect of his business. He says, “Our mantra for ourselves and our clients is to help people solve a problem or see the possibilities in their industry while doing it with radical empathy. Our clients are just locked into their world thinking – ‘This is my problem. How do I solve it?’ We come in, express what we do, and convey to our clients that we understand what they are trying to do. Then a lightbulb goes off in their head that – ‘These people can help me and create value for me.’”

The conversation then shifts to the history of the company, how Jordan got his start in digital marketing, what the company does to differentiate itself from its competitors, and an explanation of the company’s LUCID process, the recommended starting point for those clients looking for ongoing, large-scale marketing services. Jordan mentions that he strives to implement a messaging, branding, and business development-centric approach that thinks of his clients’ end-to-end marketing needs rather than just offering them a piecemeal collection of disparate services that may or may not work for them unless put into action as a unified approach. Jordan also talks about how the company uses a diversified and distributed management style where its employees are spread out over the country, eschewing the traditional office for an online work methodology and delivery model that focuses on efficiency and saves costs which are then passed on to its clients.

The podcast then moves on to a deep dive into the company’s LUCID process which has received excellent feedback from its many clients. Jordan explains that the LUCID process involves an understanding of the client business’s core services and then creating on-brand messaging that amplifies its strengths and converts leads to paying customers. Throughout the podcast, Jordan ties the LUCID process, which is comprised of the messaging phase and the digital marketing phase, back to Moon and Owl Marketing’s operating philosophy of approaching its customers’ problems with empathy. Jordan maintains that this personal and customer-centric approach gives the company rare insights into potentially lucrative marketing strategies that other, less experienced, digital marketing agencies will be unable to spot or flatly ignore.

Jordan Fowler has extensive digital marketing experience having served 11 years as the Communications Director of a globally focused nonprofit. Before founding Moon & Owl, he served as the Senior Account Executive at a leading medical marketing agency. Jordan launched Moon & Owl in 2014 as he sought to broaden offerings and expand the client verticals. Jordan is a member of the prestigious HHC mastermind group. He is a sought-after white label specialist and consultant for many large agencies, including performing SEO for a Fortune 20 company and recognized national leading brands.

Readers can find out more about the full range of digital marketing services offered by Moon and Owl Marketing by heading over to its website at the link: The company can be contacted at the phone number (817) 889-1487 or through an online e-consultation form.


For more information about Moon and Owl Marketing, contact the company here:

Moon and Owl Marketing
Jordan Fowler
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