MediZen Institute Launches Medical Weight Loss Program

September 05, 2023 at 17:09

Columbus, OH, 9/5/2023 — MediZen Institute, Columbus’s premier medical spa and wellness center, has announced the launch of their new medical weight loss program, which takes a multi-faceted approach to losing any amount of weight that avoids the pitfalls of common, ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs. Available at their location in Bridge Park, the new program stands out from others in the area due to its heavy involvement from the professionals at MediZen.

Board-Certified endocrinologist Dr. Elena Christofides and Board-Certified obesity expert Magdalena 'Dr. Maggie’ Gasiorova M.D. designed and oversee the program. With Dr. Christofides’ recent appearance on the ‘Conquering Columbus’ podcast, where she discussed the root of weight issues and genetic history’s role in weight management, MediZen Institute is able to reach more patients with their science-backed approaches while distinguishing themselves from other practices.

"I am a certified member of the American Board of Obesity and have spent years researching the causes and effects of obesity in America at the Mayo Clinic and the Medical University of South Carolina,” said Dr. Gasiorova. “At MediZen, we recognize that weight loss is not a one size fits all approach, and we value safety and effectiveness. We know that what works for you won't necessarily work for your friend, so we spend valuable time working with you to get to the root of the problem and find the best path to weight loss."

Treatment options play a large role in MediZen’s methods of creating lasting, sustainable weight loss results. FDA-Approved prescriptions used at MediZen include CONTRAVE®️, Qsymia, Saxenda®️, Wegovy®️, and phentermine variations as needed, following a thorough analysis of patient-specific requirements and genetics. Rather than one-and-done solutions, as recent trends in prescribing semaglutide have shown, the team at MediZen schedules continuous follow-ups to closely monitor progress.

With dietary counseling, weight management coaching, and other options as part of the package, the expertise of Dr. Maggie has already shown itself to be valuable. Mental wellbeing is another large aspect of weight loss at MediZen, with tailored solutions allowing patients more room for individualized and lifestyle-specific support. As explained by Dr. Christofides on her recent podcast appearance, genetics and the endocrine system are highly variable factors that can change how an individual loses and gains weight, even within their own lifetime. The expertise found at MediZen is especially valuable for patients looking to improve their health while shedding pounds at the same time.

"Weight loss is more than just a number on the scale, it’s how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally every day,” continued Dr. Maggie. “We counsel each weight loss client and either recommend diets, daily routine changes, or medications based on lab work and a science backed approach."

The empathetic approach outlined by Dr. Maggie underlines the practice’s philosophy toward medical weight loss and their own weight loss programs. MediZen Institute is open and taking appointments for new and existing patients at both their Bridge Park and Short North locations.

About MediZen Institute

MediZen Institute is a European-style medical spa with a focus on health, wellness, and beauty. Their minimalist, ‘less is more’ approach highlights the practice’s philosophy: the entire team, from the doctors to injectors, is focused on creating natural-looking, subtle results that help discerning patients age gracefully while making the most of their body’s natural healing and regenerative properties. Founded by immigrant women, diversity and inclusion are prioritized at the full-service practice, with its own endocrinology location. Root-source solutions and supportive treatments for skin, hair, body, and more are big draws to patients seeking more elevated versions of themselves, while providers’ compassion and the luxuriously relaxing practice distinguish MediZen from other medical spas.

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