Make More Offers Challenge: Kick Anxiety to the Curb

November 04, 2022 at 14:11

New York, New York -

Myron Golden Live announces the launch of the next five-day coaching intensive, the “Make More Offers Challenge,” beginning Monday November 7, 2022 through Friday November 11th. Each day of the seminar, in just a few hours, entrepreneurs and consultants will get an accelerated crash course and coaching on how to grow their client list and increase their income exponentially. Innovators and business owners can learn how to craft and make more offers by visiting for more information.

Myron Golden is a successful serial entrepreneur, author and business coach who covers a lot of ground in his “Make More Offers Challenge” (MMOC). There are a lot of steps between a Big Idea and an Eight Figure Income —and Myron maps them all out in this five-day coaching intensive. He also discusses the many ways entrepreneurs get in their own way, and presents effective tools for transforming a negative mindset.

Make More Offers Challenge with Myron Golden

Myron Golden is unique as a business coach, known for his authenticity, availability and focus on people, not just profits, which is rare in the coaching world. Past MMOC participants have said that the best thing about working with Myron is his positive, caring approach.

Tina Lorenz has attended several MMOC challenges and says there is only one mentor she trusts to keep her moving, AND moving in the right direction. “This is a man who is smart, funny, wise, inspired, authentic, and truly CARES about those he is called to serve,” says Lorenz. “He knows who you are. He sees your potential, even when you falter, and is committed to supporting your success– if you’re willing to do your part.”

Along with his expertise in digital and traditional marketing strategies, Golden offers advice on tailoring one's services to meet the needs of their clients, while also giving them “what they THINK that they need, which are often two very different things.” This is at the core of crafting the right offer.

Golden also addresses issues that can slow a business down, including an owner with a flawed belief system. He maps out how the human mind works, with thoughts leading to feelings, and feelings becoming beliefs. If the foundational beliefs are grounded in fear, anxiety, or doubt, it can quickly derail the business.

After going through the MMOC training, Lorenz learned to identify what had the potential to hold her back. “Fair warning, sometimes you may find resistance rearing its ugly head, whispering that you can’t do it because of (fill in the blank with your self-sabotaging excuses), or that you’re not prepared enough, good enough, smart enough,” she says. “With Myron you will soon learn how to annihilate those limiting beliefs, especially once you experience the power of making more offers.”

Lorenz says learning to identify negative thoughts and reframe them was a game-changer. “Sounds too simple, right? But, when you have the kind of guidance and encouragement Myron provides, it really IS that simple.” Lorenz says that it took only 30 days to increase her business income to almost $150k, without paid ads, investment from outsiders, or even a new product or service. “If I had to sum up the most transformational advice I’ve received from a mentor, it would be these three words from Myron Golden…Make. More. Offers.”

Launching and running a business is no joke. However, a multi-million dollar income is possible, if one learns all that they can from this incredible seminar and put it into practice.

The next Make More Offers Challenge begins on November 7, with General Admission and VIP slots available. VIP attendees receive an additional hour of personalized coaching each day. “Take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelt, and GO for it,” Lorenz says. “You’ll be blessed beyond measure.”


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