Machine Learning Course for Software Engineers Launched By Interview Kickstart - Prep Course For AI ML Roles At FAANG Companies

August 28, 2023 at 17:29

Santa Clara, California -

Interview Kickstart (IK) is a company based in Santa Clara, CA, which is highly successful at getting alumni placed at FAANG companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, and other Tier-1 technology companies. The reviews it receives attest to this. For instance, one reviewer expressed gratitude to IK for getting an offer at Google. The reviewer noted that all of the course instructors were ready to help the students and were extremely knowledgeable, and even when he was already working at Google, he would still take a peek from time to time at his notes and work on the practice problems to ensure he is always reading for an interview. For more information visit

Interview Kickstart has three kinds of programs. The Switch Up program is designed to improve the skills of the students, allowing them to move up to a new technology position or domain, like Machine Learning, AI, and AI-focused Data Science at a Tier-1 tech company. The other 2 programs are both interview prep courses. The Level Up program is the flagship program which includes weekly live classes with FAANG hiring managers. The Step Up course is a 2 to 3 month accelerated version of the Level Up course.

machine learning course for software engineers

Students of the Level Up & Step Up courses can choose to focus on one of 18 domains. These include: front-end engineering, full stack engineering, back-end engineering, iOS engineering, Android engineering, test engineering, data analyst & business analyst, data science, data engineering, embedded systems, security engineering, machine learning, AWS cloud solutions architecture, technical program manager, site reliability engineering, engineering manager, early engineering, and product manager in technology.

Two options are available for those who want to switch up to a new role in a technology company. One option is to become an artificial intelligence (AI) data scientist, and the other option is to become an AI/ML engineer.

For those who want to transfer to AI data science positions at Tier-1 companies, the IK course has two parts. Part one is for mastering data science and includes: Python fundamentals, data analysis with Python, databases and SQL programming, essential math for DS and ML, predictive analysis, deep learning and computer vision, natural language processing and generative AI, introduction to big data and Spark, advanced statistics and time series forecasting, and Capstone project. Part two is for the interview preparation and focuses on: data structures and algorithms interview preparation and data science interview preparation.

For those who want to move up to AI/machine learning engineering roles at Tier-1 companies, the IK course also has two parts. Part one is for mastering the core fundamentals of machine learning and includes: foundations; essential mathematics for machine learning; deep dive into machine learning engineering including foundational machine learning concepts, advanced machine learning framework, ML development and deployment, and Capstone project. Part two is for interview preparation focusing on: data structures and algorithms; software system design; AI machine learning interview prep; and career and behavioral sessions.

Established in 2014, Interview Kickstart is a new kind of school that offers courses that prepares students for technical interviews when they apply for a technology job or position, or want to transition to new domains. Students are coached on what they need to do in preparation for the interview that will allow them to join a technology company, boost their position in a company, or transfer to a new technology role or domain like AI and ML. They have already helped over 15,000 experienced engineers as a result of their proven technique that enables students to fully understand the core fundamentals of their profession. Determining how much an applicant truly understands such core fundamentals is often the way used to assess the technical knowledge of engineers in the interviews. IK can also guide engineers on how to present themselves in their resumes and in their LinkedIn profiles. IK alumni successfully receive job offers from FAANG and Tier-1 technology companies, with salaries improving by an average of 66.5%.

Those who are interested in the courses can visit the Interview Kickstart website at


For more information about Interview Kickstart, contact the company here:

Interview Kickstart
Dashrath Rajpurohit
+1 415-888-9207
4701 Patrick Henry Dr Bldg 25, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States


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