Long Island Mold Removal Services Provider Newhouse Restoration Takes Pride in Five Star Reputation

August 14, 2023 at 18:43

Newhouse Restoration, a company based in Bohemia, NY, that offers property damage restoration services, including mold removal, in the Long Island area, takes pride in their five star reputation. They have an overall rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars on Google. They want to emphasize that their business has one focus and that is to get families back on track with their damaged homes restored.

In one five star review, Sam Goldsmith said, “Hope you never have to call these guys, but know that you will be in good hands if you do. The Newhouse team are fantastic. They responded to an emergency flood at my home at 9:30pm on Sunday night over Memorial Day weekend. They were at my property as soon as they could drive there, and immediately began working on the mitigation. I can’t imagine a more immediate or thorough response, especially during the peak of a summer holiday weekend. Throughout the weeklong drying process, Josh and his team were great at communicating and guiding me through everything. My insurance company sent an adjuster to the property, and Josh was able to help explain the damage that he witnessed and work seamlessly with my insurance company. Can’t recommend these guys more highly.”

Mold Removal Services

Meanwhile, a home can get mold-infested especially if it has been exposed to a lot of water and moisture. Mold infestations start when the mold spores have too much water and moisture that they can feed upon. If there is a significant amount of mold spores in the home they can be harmful to the health of residents. Mold spores are so tiny that they can get inhaled and cause respiratory problems. In addition, mold is a common fungus that breaks down matter, which means that a large amount of mold inside the home can cause degradation of important structures of the home, such as walls, ceiling, etc. Since mold spores are so small they can be carried in the air, it would be best to allow professionals to get rid of the mold from the home. They will first get rid of the water and moisture before eliminating all traces of the mold colonies. If the mold damage is too extensive, it may be necessary to get rid of certain items in the home, such as furniture.

One of the typical restoration services they provide is water damage restoration. Water damage can occur because of flooding, leaks, sewage backup, and malfunctioning appliances. They will begin the process by eliminating the standing water by pumping and vacuuming it out. Next, they will dry and dehumidify the home, eliminating any additional moisture that may still be found inside the home. Lastly, they will replace and install any materials that have been damaged by water, allowing the home to return to its original condition before the disaster occurred.

Meanwhile, severe weather events can cause various kinds of damage to the home. A tornado, hurricane, or tropical storm can cause a lot of damage. The restoration professionals at Newhouse Restoration are well-trained to navigate severe storm damage and are capable of staying safe while also protecting the property from further damage. They will first assess the damage to the property and check if there are any safety hazards, such as gas leaks, structural problems, downed electric power lines, and water damage. Once the property has been ascertained to be safe for entry, they will perform a more thorough evaluation of the extent of the damage. Next, they will secure the property, turning off all utilities in the affected area. Next, they will perform repairs and ensure that all necessary documents for insurance purposes are made available.

Founded in 2020, Newhouse Restoration is a home restoration services provider for Long Island and surrounding areas. The company is a veteran-supporting family-owned business offering various restoration services, including fire / smoke damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, asbestos removal, and mold removal. They have set as their mission to get families back to their normal lives in their homes.

When in need services for property damage restoration Long Island residents can depend on, people can check out the Newhouse Restoration website or contact them on the phone or by email.


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