Kettering SEO Expert Joins Seedhub Media

June 21, 2022 at 16:04

Kettering, England -

Local SEO expert Simon Kensington-Fellows of Kensington SEO, based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, has joined Seedhub Media as co-Founder and Head of Search. Kensington SEO clients will transfer over and be managed by Simon Kensington-Fellows and his team under the Seedhub Media brand. Seedhub Media will maintain an office and local presence in Kettering and continue to provide local SEO, Google Business Profile, Organic SEO and eCommerce SEO to businesses in Kettering (and more widely in Northamptonshire, UK).

Head of Search at Seedhub Media Simon Kensington-Fellows said, “I am so excited about being able to offer search engine optimisation services through my team of SEO experts at Seedhub Media. In these difficult economic times, generating more leads and getting more clients is essential for the survival and growth of any local business, and working at Seedhub Media now means I'm able to positively affect more local businesses than I ever could on my own.” Learn more about the SEO agency’s offerings and what their team can do for local businesses at the following link: SEO Kettering.

Since its founding, Seedhub Media has strived to give businesses in Kettering and across the UK the audience they deserve. The agency has long recognised that local businesses have much to offer their community, but their efforts can often go unrecognised due to larger, national (or even international) players taking up much of the attention of their customers. Further, businesses caught in this unfavourable position sometimes find that they cannot invest adequate resources into marketing without compromising elsewhere — potentially reducing the quality of the products or services they offer customers. On occasion, the mere shift in focus to marketing can cause a business to lose its competitive edge over time, leading to a positive feedback loop with negative consequences.

However, this all changes when such businesses choose to partner with digital marketing experts who can take on this monumental responsibility on their behalf. SEO, or search engine optimisation, in particular is known for being an extremely powerful tool in the right hands, and there are few more capable than the team at Seedhub Media. Now, with Simon Kensington-Fellows’ arrival, their reach has expanded even further.

Co-Founder and CEO of Seedhub Media Andreas Georgiades said, “I am thrilled to be working with Simon; his 15 years of SEO experience, encyclopaedic SEO knowledge and his cutting-edge scientific SEO testing means that Seedhub Media's SEO clients are in the safest hands possible.”

To an extent, businesses can make some headway with Local SEO to push their brand up the rankings on search results pages. However, search engine algorithms have a habit of changing without warning, and their creators typically do not openly share insight on how they function and what factors they are specifically looking for on a website and so on. Further, many relatively simple aspects of the industry can go completely unnoticed by the average business owner (who likely has many other pressing matters to take care of), which could potentially lead to them expending a great deal of energy only to see much lower returns than they expected.

For instance, Seedhub Media says SEO is largely done on a single platform: Google. While it is far from the only search engine a customer could use, the mere fact that the overwhelming majority of searches are run through Google make it highly inadvisable for anyone to focus on alternatives, such as Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and so on. As of mid 2021, it was estimated that more than 90% of all global searches occurred on the Google search engine. As such, all efforts should be focused here, and Google’s algorithms are indeed what Seedhub Media’s team is constantly working to unravel.

For his part, Kensington-Fellows has spent his career using data and scientific testing to determine Google's ranking factors. The results from such an approach are unquestionable, and they invariably form the foundation of every great campaign. As Seedhub Media’s Head of Search, he stands poised to make sure the agency remains among the upper ranks of the UK’s SEO specialists.


For more information about Seedhub Media Kettering, contact the company here:

Seedhub Media Kettering
Andreas Georgiades
01536 425441
32 Drayton Road
NN14 3BG


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