Jewelry And Watch Repair Available In Alpharetta

May 02, 2023 at 15:56

Alpharetta, GA based 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique is pleased to announce that they are offering full repair services for jewelry and watches. 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique is committed to helping the residents of Alpharetta and the surrounding areas with all their jewelry and watch related needs. Learn more about their services here: Jewelry Repair Alpharetta.

Raisa Derzhay from 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique says, “More often than not, jewelry can be very important to us. Whether they are heirlooms or gifts or simply something you love because it is pretty, we want to preserve and maintain our jewelry for as long as possible. To that end, you need a reliable jeweler with experience repairing jewelry. At 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique, we have a team of knowledgeable, professional bench jewelers who are able to take care of all your jewelry and watch repair needs. We know how important your jewelry is to you, and you can trust that we will handle every piece as if it were our own.”

Jewelry Repair in Alpharetta

The repair services offered by 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique include general watch and jewelry repair, watch battery replacements, cleaning, resizing, engraving, and laser welding. Additionally, the company also offers custom design services for anyone who wants to customize their jewelry or watches. Whether customers need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, the company assures that they can do it all. 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique offers all their repairs and restoration on-site. Best of all, the company’s repairs come with a guarantee at no additional charge, giving customers complete peace of mind. Anyone who wishes to have a piece of jewelry or a watch repaired can book an appointment with 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique by visiting the company website.

In addition to providing excellent jewelry and watch repair services, 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique also has an elegant collection of hand-crafted accessories on offer. The company’s inventory is filled with a variety of rings, earrings, neckwear, bracelets, chains, brooches, pins, accessories, and more. They also provide a wide range of options, such as Men’s jewelry, Religious and Spiritual jewelry, and more.

3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique also provides a ‘Design Your Own’ service, allowing customers to create the perfect jewelry of their dreams. Derzhay says, “We’ll work with you and help you put your ideas on paper, and then our designers will get to work, carefully crafting your piece in the metal of your choice to your exact specifications and design. Whether you are starting from scratch to make a piece of jewelry that is all your own or working with diamonds and gemstones that have been passed down through the family to make something of familial significance, we can take your dream and make it a reality.”

The local jewelry repair store has integrated itself into the community by providing high quality services, earning glowing praise from everyone they work with. In a recent review, Sarah S. says, “Don't hesitate — The most trusted jeweler in town! My father has brought his watches here for years, and they recently fitted my engagement ring to perfection. You can tell both the owner and his daughter are very educated, patient, and genuinely kind people.”

In another review, R. Taber writes, “So glad I found this store! Oleg did a wonderful job of servicing my favorite Pilot watches and returning them to operating condition. The store is in a good location at North Point Mall, and his prices are very reasonable. '3:16 J & W B' is my first stop now for any future repairs or battery replacements. They also carry a good selection of Citizen and other brands of watches.”

Anyone seeking to have a piece of jewelry or a watch repaired can visit 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique at their 1000 North Point Cir 1200, Alpharetta, GA 30022 location to get started. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company website or get in touch with Raisa Derzhay directly (via email or phone) for more information. 3:16 Jewelry & Watch Boutique also maintains a presence on Facebook. Learn more here: Jewelry Repair Near Me.


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