Ireland HVAC of Central Indiana is Pleased to Announce the Launch of Its Latest Website Version

January 30, 2023 at 17:39

Ireland HVAC is a Central Indiana company that is known for providing high-quality cooling and heating system repairs & installations that are supported by very good customer service. It’s able to do this consistently because it serves its customers out of two different south suburban Indianapolis locations which are in Columbus and Greenwood. This HVAC services provider is also one that’s known to be very progressive when it comes to the types of heating and cooling equipment it sells & installs and when it comes to offering its customers a pleasant experience when working with them. A good example of the latter is that Ireland HVAC has just announced the launch of a new website. That newly created website can be viewed here at Ireland HVAC’s spokesperson says, “Ever since I started working for this company, I realized that it has always been very proactive as to how it conducts business in the most efficient way possible. The new website launch is a great example of that. Once our managers were informed of some shortcomings with our old website, they immediately set about getting started on building a new and improved website version. So far, the feedback we have gotten from those customers that have used the new website has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that there is so much to like about the new website. It all starts with its simplified dropdown menu that will get site users to the information they want on Ireland HVAC’s services faster than ever before. Also featured on the dropdown menu is an enhanced blog section that includes helpful heating and cooling information for their customers. Examples of some of the blog article titles that are found there include ‘How to Find the Best 24-Hour Furnace Repair Service’, ‘Benefits of having heat pump serviced’, and ‘What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working’. She says that the site layout has been improved too as there is not so much clutter on each page and the newly chosen site background colors make the text nicely jump off the page. This is done up much better than the old website which can be seen here at for comparison purposes. According to the company spokesperson, there are also more ways to contact them through the new website than ever before. Something that includes a click-on automatic phone dialer on every page, their phone number clearly stated in several places, a contact form that can be filled out and sent in and click on links to company social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr. The information on the web pages is also presented in a much more concise manner. That makes it easier to read about such services that the company offers as geothermal heating and its wide variety of Heat Pump Services.

The new website also covers how the company is an HVAC contractor that serves both residential and commercial clients. That includes the repair and replacement of all different brands of heating and cooling systems and any periodic maintenance that they may require. It discusses how they work on central air conditioners, heat pumps, gas & electric furnaces, dual-fuel hybrid heating systems, and more. Also brought up in the text of the new website is that Ireland HVAC offers no-cost, no-obligation on-site heating and cooling assessments and they respond rapidly to requests for estimates new HVAC system installations for homes and businesses. The company spokesperson indicated that there are also maps embedded into the home page that show the company’s Greenwood location serves the HVAC needs of such communities as Southport, Rocklane, and Franklin and how the Columbus location takes care of the heating and cooling needs of communities such as Edinburgh, Walesboro, and Seymour.

Those that are interested in any of the heating and cooling maintenance, repair, or installation services that Ireland HVAC can refer to the new website or go to to get the information that they need.


For more information about Ireland HVAC, contact the company here:

Ireland HVAC
Ireland HVAC


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