Houston Wills Lawyer Whitney L. Thompson Explains the Importance of Having a Will in Estate Planning

August 03, 2022 at 15:48

Harris, Texas -

Houston Wills lawyer Whitney L. Thompson releases a new article (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/houston-wills-lawyer/) explaining the importance of having a Will in estate planning. The lawyer mentions that the end of life is inevitable and it is important that a person’s loved ones are protected. Having a Will is one way they can do that. A will is an essential estate planning device that can help a person protect the future of their loved ones.

According to the Houston Wills lawyer, “Having a will, also called a last will and testament, is important at any stage of life when you have family or assets of any kind. A will enables you to leave property to people or organizations of your choice, establish a legal guardian for your minor children, and name a trusted executor to oversee the distribution of your estate after your death. While simple wills can be practical for most estates, the law also allows for the creation of wills that can help with tax planning or include built-in trusts.”

Houston Wills lawyer

The lawyer says that without a valid Will in place, the estate may go through a long probate process and the state will determine how the person’s estate will be distributed. The state will also decide who will care for the person’s children and other matters concerning the estate when they pass away.

Attorney Whitney L. Thompson adds that a Will may be able to help someone have peace of mind knowing that their property will be distributed according to the way they want. Dying without a Will is referred to as dying intestate. A person’s assets will be distributed to their spouse and closest relatives based on state laws.

“While intestate succession has been designed to consider the closest family members and children first when an individual dies in Texas, it doesn’t provide for an individual's specific wishes. You may want to leave part of your Texas estate to a close family friend or an organization. You may wish to have a close family friend as a guardian to your children. But these choices will not be considered by the court unless there is a valid will in place,” says the estate planning attorney.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled probate attorney when dealing with matters involving the probate process. Having an experienced estate attorney may be able to help an individual understand their rights and help them prepare for the future of their loved ones.

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