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June 20, 2022 at 16:57

New Braunfels, Texas -

Mighty Dog Roofing of Hill Country, TX is pleased to share that their team is available for all roofing jobs in the area. As a residential and commercial roofing contractor with decades of experience, the company can perform all types of roof maintenance, repair and replacement a customer may require. Those interested are welcome to call the company today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate.

Notably, customers are also able to make use of the company’s free inspection if they suspect their roof has suffered damage in recent times. Following a storm, for instance, homeowners may be concerned that their roof did not come through completely unscathed, but it can be difficult for them to ascertain whether this is the case by themselves, especially if they have no prior experience with roofs or do not have easy access to examine it more closely. An inspection is generally recommended here, but many might not be able to find the budget to accommodate a paid service.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Hill Country, TX

This is not a problem with Mighty Dog Roofing, however. Their team is always ready and willing to come out to check a roof, and customers can expect a fair and transparent estimate in the event their roof does need a professional’s attention. If nothing is wrong, they will be informed of this as well. At most, the team may elect to share advice that could help the roof maintain its integrity in the future). Upon receiving an estimate, a customer is also not obliged to take up the company’s offer. They are quite welcome to seek out a second opinion — or another estimate, but the company is confident theirs will be the most attractive.

Despite the name, customers will find a variety of services at Mighty Dog Roofing that extend to several aspects of a building’s exterior, including the siding, gutters and windows. This means that a homeowner can rely on a single company for their house’s appearance, and this is supported by the fact that Mighty Dog keeps a personalized file on each property’s requirements.

To begin with, this may simply include a history of the updates and refreshes the home has undergone, which the company can utilize in future projects to ensure no damage is done to prior work. However, this also has a direct benefit for the customer since this data can be made available to them, which could be extremely useful for insurance purposes. The company also suggests that those who want to sell the property can offer this data to their realtor, potentially increasing the likelihood of a sale. On this note, Mighty Dog Roofing adds that their team makes use of a ‘Curb Appeal Visualizer’ that customers can use to preview the result of any potential changes, such as in the color of their siding or the style of their windows. This can make it easier for them to come to a swift decision.

Further, customers concerned about privacy can rest assured that the company takes the security of all data generated very seriously. Each customer’s records, including pictures and notes taken of the property, is carefully stored, and nothing is shared with other parties without their express consent.

The Hill Country, TX roofing company likes to connect with customers wherever possible in order to receive feedback regarding their work. This, the company explains, is how they are able to ensure their services remain competitive in every way possible, and it also gives customers a chance to make direct requests or recommendations for services they might like to see in the future. As such, anyone who has seen Mighty Dog Roofing at work is welcome to contact the company on Facebook or Twitter to share their thoughts.

Gary M. says in their Google review, “I complained the Mighty Dog rep arrived with dog treats but we have cats (ha-ha)! Otherwise easy to work with. Competitive bid, quick and efficient, attractive roof, good clean up.” This review also gives the company a top rating for their work.

Customers looking for more information on the company, including their availability, services, free inspections, financing and so on may contact Jennifer Wilson of Mighty Dog Roofing of Hill Country, TX to get started. The company can be reached via phone and email in addition to their social media platforms.


For more information about Mighty Dog Roofing of Hill Country, TX, contact the company here:

Mighty Dog Roofing of Hill Country, TX
Jennifer Wilson
1335 Wald Road Suite 104, New Braunfels, TX, 78132


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