Greenwald Law Firm Defends Clients Against Criminal Charges In New York

October 07, 2022 at 15:55

The Middletown, NY based Law office of Benjamin Greenwald, NY Criminal Defense Attorney, is placing their considerable resources at the disposal of anyone who has been charged with a crime in the state of New York. Serving the community from their offices in Middletown, NY and Orange County, NY, the firm stands ready to provide a robust defense that guarantees the best outcome possible in any case.

The firm offers access to qualified attorneys who strongly believe that every client deserves to have aggressive, experienced representation no matter what their case may involve. This means that every attorney here will be ready and willing to advocate enthusiastically on their client’s behalf from the moment they begin a consultation, and this extends to large and minor cases alike.

Further, given that criminal defense cases often touch on highly sensitive areas, the firm acknowledges that many might expect to be treated poorly by a lawyer as their case progresses. However, at Greenwald Law, it is considered vital for clients to be treated with respect at all times, regardless of the nature of their alleged crimes. In addition to being considered innocent until proven guilty, they explain that a client will always have a better chance of a positive outcome in their case if all parties are able to sustain an effective working relationship. At Greenwald Law, respect is a crucial component of such relationships.

Benjamin Greenwald has been defending clients from a variety of criminal charges for many years. He regularly works on cases that involve Drug Crimes, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Arson, DWI/DUI and so on, and while the severity of a charge (or charges) may vary from case to case, he and his team are more than capable of ensuring that every viable strategy will be utilized to either reduce the ensuing penalty a client may face or get their charges dismissed altogether. Greenwald Law points out that it is always in the charged party’s best interests to seek out an attorney who is familiar with the state’s legal processes, especially since the prosecution is likely to pursue the maximum penalty possible at all times. Only an experienced defense attorney — who understands how the system works and how to make the most efficient use of their time — can do what is necessary to protect their client’s best interests.

The Greenwald Firm has a reputation for going above and beyond for their clientele, doing everything in their power to ensure the people they represent are satisfied. The team understands that clients are also people who need to be guided and reassured throughout their case, so they uphold a correspondingly high standard of customer service to ensure these needs are met.

As F. Aquino says in their Google review, “I highly and strongly recommend Mr. Greenwald for your legal problems. From day one, Ben was informative and attentive. Not only does he listen to his clients, he does everything to fight for you. My first day meeting Ben, I cried in his office for about an hour. He made me feel safe and like my voice was being heard. Jess was also so lovely to meet. She is very kind and very helpful as well. Mr. Greenwald is an amazing person inside and out and did everything in his power to help me with my case. He is a very hard worker, and once his mind is set to helping you, he does exactly that and then some. I am so grateful and thankful to have met Ben. Thank you so much!”

Greenwald Law also helps clients involved in Weapon Crimes, Robbery and Burglary Crimes, Assault and Violent Crimes, Forgery Crimes, Grand Larceny and so on. To simplify matters for their community, they urge anyone charged with a crime in the state of New York to reach out to their office for further clarification. A consultation can be scheduled over the phone or via email. More details regarding the firm’s services may also be found on their official website.


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