Generation Care Announces that Hospice Care is Covered Under Medicare Advantage Plans

February 06, 2023 at 15:42

Thousand Oaks, California -

Generation Care Inc, based in Thousand Oaks, California, is pleased to inform the community that hospice care services are included in Medicare Advantage Plans. The company encourages everyone to look into their Plan’s information for more details, and visit their website for information on their hospice services. Others who have yet to sign up should know that the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period takes place every year from January 1 - March 31.

As a Hospice provider that is Medicare certified, licensed and Joint-Commission accredited, Generation Care is able to work with those who have Medicare Advantage. A Medicare Advantage-covered patient’s hospice benefit will include care for their terminal illness as well as related conditions, and the company confirms that all their associated services are available for patients in need. Notably, once a patient’s hospice benefit begins, they will also have coverage for services that are not related to their terminal illness (though they will have to pay the deductible and coinsurance amounts for the same).

Generation Care serves families in the Los Angeles area, and free consultations are available to all. The company advises all interested parties to get in touch if they are considering enrolling with Medicare Advantage or if they wish to learn more about the benefits included in each Plan. Generation Care is committed to helping families navigate the intricacies of insurance and so on to minimize the stress they, and their terminally-ill loved one must endure. A knowledgeable team member will always be available to aid in this regard (or any other). See more about their services by visiting their Facebook Page.

There are many reasons to choose Generation Care for any hospice care needs. The company is committed to offering patients a suitably high standard of care so that they can remain in their own home, surrounded by a familiar and comfortable environment in their final days. Hospice care can be administered anywhere, and the ability to avoid visiting a crowded hospital for certain services should not be eschewed lightly.

Generation Care has worked hard to serve the needs of its community, and the team regularly seek feedback from residents and families alike to gauge whether their services can be improved in any way. By fostering this environment of open communication, the team can stay on the pulse of new developments or items of concern, thereby giving them a better opportunity to react faster to the residents’ evolving requirements. Whatever a challenge may entail, the team stands ready to tackle it, a fact which many attest to.

Richard G. says in a review, “Generation Care hospice is one of the most reliable and astounding hospices in Thousand Oaks. Not only did they make the process of caring for my ill great grandmother a lot easier, they did it with professionalism, compassion and empathy. I cannot thank Generation Care staff enough for their amazing work and attention. The best!”

Hospice care is typically recommended for those who are expected to live about 6 months or less, but Generation Care points out that Medicare Advantage allows this period to be extended as long as a hospice medical director or other hospice doctor recertifies that the patient is terminally ill. As such, there need not be any concern regarding the end of coverage.

Generation Care is located at 516 Pennsfield Pl #109, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. All are welcome to call and speak with the team about their needs.


For more information about Generation Care, contact the company here:

Generation Care
Kylynn Maldonado
(805) 496-0044
516 Pennsfield Place, Suite #109,
Thousand Oaks, California, 91360


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