Frisco Premier Outdoor Lighting Company Now Offering More Exterior Lighting Choices Than Ever Before

December 06, 2022 at 17:15

Blingle Premier Lighting is a Texas company that has several locations in and around the Dallas area. This includes having branches in both Lewisville and Frisco. All its branches are pleased to offer a wide variety of exterior lighting choices and are always keeping an eye open for new ways to make a customer’s landscaping look more decorative or festive. A company representative says, “One of the most overlooked aspects of home landscaping is the addition of premier outdoor lighting. That’s a shame because if exterior lighting is done properly, it can make any home’s landscaping look just as good at night as it does during the day. This is why we welcome the opportunity to talk with you over the phone or in person about the many outdoor lighting solutions that we offer. You can’t go wrong with us if you are looking to change the look of your landscape at night because we now offer more exterior lighting choices than ever before.”

The company spokesperson went on to say that one of their most requested outdoor lighting services at this time of year is their holiday lighting rentals and installation. It’s something that starts to pick up in demand just before Halloween and that trend continues past the New Year. But they do more than just Christmas and Halloween lighting as many request holiday lighting for such occasions as New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah, the 4th of July, and even Valentine’s Day. He says that their holiday lighting services have become so popular because their rental lighting displays are created by the experienced lighting design team at Blingle Premier Lighting and expertly installed by their well-trained outdoor lighting crews. They also help keep customers off a ladder and by doing so this allows those customers to save time and do safer holiday activities with their family and friends. The company spokesperson reminded that for safety reasons the company does not rent out holiday lights for the customer to self-install. They will, however, consider setting up any additional holiday decorations that are not part of their holiday lights rental package.

According to the company spokesperson, another specialty of this well-known exterior lighting company is its landscaping & patio lighting services. Blingle Premier Lighting has the experience to design and install landscaping and yard feature lighting that can make any home stand out from those around it. He says they can take such landscaping features as patios, decks, fountains, grills, gazebos, fire pits, swimming pools, and other outdoor spaces and give them a unique and highly decorative nighttime look. It was also mentioned that the company only installs durable all-weather lighting that is functional and beautiful. There are other types of permanent exterior lighting that the company can supply and install too. This includes subtle but incredible-looking roofline lighting and equally distinct and creative deck lighting. The company spokesperson says that they have the ability to design and install permanent outdoor lighting in just about any place in a yard where a customer would like to place it.

One other type of outdoor lighting service that Blingle Premier Lighting is happy to provide its Dallas area customers is temporary event lighting. The company spokesperson says that events such as weddings can be taken to an even higher level of excitement when they are held at night and accentuated by one of their event light rental packages. They cater to a variety of nighttime events such as children’s and adult birthday parties, mitzvahs, fundraisers, grand openings, corporate parties, graduations, and more. There is no size limit to their outdoor event lighting creations either. He says that’s because they at Blingle Premier Lighting can handle everything from quaint nighttime get-togethers to large-scale celebrations. Those that would like to know more about this Frisco premier outdoor lighting company and the many exterior lighting choices that it offers can refer to the company website. Blingle Premier Lighting’s website also contains a large photo gallery of the many impressive exterior lighting projects the company has designed and installed.


For more information about Blingle Premier Lighting, contact the company here:

Blingle Premier Lighting
1620 E State Hwy 121, Lewisville, TX 75056, United States


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