Flashpoint Live Immersion 4.0 Releases Free Virtual and VIP Attendance Tickets

October 07, 2022 at 23:33

Host Austin Haines invites paid in-person attendees, free virtual attendees (limited seats available), and upgraded VIP virtual tickets to the Flashpoint LIVE Immersion on October 8th & 9th, 2022, at the Hilton in Philadelphia, PA at Penns Landing.

Live Immersion & Relationship Building = Guaranteed Results

This unique opportunity combines a 2–3-day experiential immersion, relationship building, and optional ongoing "Accountability Community" focused on creating a big breakthrough.

ACCT - Accountability + Community + Coaching = Transformation

Results are obtained through virtual or in-person attendance at the Flashpoint Live Event here.

Event Highlights include learning the exclusive Flashpoint Formula for a big breakthrough, identifying, and removing the limiting beliefs that are holding clients stuck, the secret power of resonance, a Flashpoint workbook, and developing the power of pure presence.

Discover Greater Clarity: Gain the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts during the group sessions to gain feedback that leads to more clarity.

Dramatically Increase Progress & Results: Utilize the "Accountability Tracker" exclusive to Flashpoint (Optional Ongoing Community - Available during the event).

Greater Support: Gain the support and encouragement of other members.

Expand a Business Network: Meet new people to form new joint ventures or partnerships.

Mandy Robinson, Canada shares, "After listening to many gurus over the past decade and studying courses with Tony Robbins, there has been a gold-dusting from men of honor, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, James McNeil, and many others. But this man, this human being, Austin Haines, takes his soul, opens it up, and knocks down every barrier that prevents his clients from stepping into their power! He puts his heart on the line in full transparency like none saw before."

Upon enrolling, additional tools are received to fuel a breakthrough now.

Free virtual tickets - discounted from $97. This option includes a virtual Zoom ticket to watch the Flashpoint Live Immersion in real time.

VIP Virtual Tickets $197 includes a virtual ticket to the Flashpoint Live Immersion & bonuses.

Media Sponsor: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, www.TheREDCarpetConnection.com


For more information about Austin Haines Flashpoint & The Power of Pure Presence, contact the company here:

Austin Haines Flashpoint & The Power of Pure Presence
Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Austin Haines Publicist
Philadelphia, PA


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