Find Addiction Rehabs Publishes New Resources On Depression And Alcoholism

September 12, 2022 at 16:21

Boca Raton, Florida -

Find Addiction Rehabs, based in Boca Raton, FL, is pleased to acknowledge that they have published three new and revamped resources regarding alcoholism and depression. In recognition of suicide awareness month, September, a completely revised and comprehensive look at the link between depression and alcoholism offers hope and further resources for those struggling with these conditions.

Statistics show that those who struggle with alcoholism and addiction have higher incidences of depression. According to data acquired by the emergency services website for Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, there is a strong link between mental health disorders, such as clinical depression, and drug abuse behaviors, such as alcoholism and addiction. The Journal of Clinical Medicine reports that one in three persons who struggle with drinking alcohol in excess or substance misuse also suffer from depression symptoms. Alcohol was consumed by more than one-third of suicide victims soon before they died. Further, the prevalence of dual diagnoses — particularly, depression and alcoholism — is so great that there are entire treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities that are tailored specifically towards individuals suffering from this combination of issues. Detecting when a problem with an individual’s mental health is genuinely a problem is one of the crucial (yet often ignored) aspects of the subject.

The clinic adds that another highly concerning issue is the fact that, for many users, temporarily calming and quieting racing thoughts or depressive symptoms can be achieved by abusing drugs and alcohol. Eventually, however, this will no longer be effective. This is why finding a good rehabilitation center is crucial. Alcohol treatment facilities provide a secure environment where both disorders can be treated concurrently in a way that is effective for each patient, using clinical and experimental research approaches and treatment processes. Find Addiction Rehabs provides individuals or their loved ones with the resources they need to understand the struggle and also find a rehab center. The organization can also help them determine whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is right for their needs.

The second of the newly published releases tackles the effects of alcohol withdrawal. When individuals with a history of alcohol dependence suddenly quit drinking, they might experience alcohol withdrawal, which is a very severe condition that can even be life-threatening. If an individual ever had a drinking problem, there is a good likelihood that they may eventually go through the severe withdrawal symptoms that come with alcoholism. Even a few days without drinking can cause alcohol withdrawal, which is frequently unpredictable. It may cause minor anxiety, insomnia, tremors (shaking), hallucinations, alcohol withdrawal seizures and other symptoms that can range from mild to severe withdrawal. When a person believes they may be experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms, they should seek medical attention and alcoholism treatment as soon as possible because the symptoms are sometimes confused with those of other disorders. The length of time since the previous drink and the average daily amount of chronic alcohol usage are two variables that affect how severe the symptoms are.

The third resource answers a rather common question: Do drunk words speak truth? Although it is sometimes possible for intoxicated speech to convey sober ideas, this does not always imply a consistent reality. For instance, a person could have a strong conviction but be unsure of their motivation — and yet find that it keeps coming up as a topic of fixation during their drinking. It might simply be the case that drinking makes people more willing to discuss subjects they would normally address with more caution because it lowers their inhibitions. When someone is intoxicated, their mind speaks, and for some types of regular drinkers, it can speak a lot.

Beyond providing a simple directory of treatment centers, Find Addiction Rehabs seeks to provide a single source for all the vital issues related to addictive disorders and behaviors, as well as the current (and evolving) best practices for recovery from these conditions. The website provides many resources regarding a variety of issues, and the center itself can be contacted via phone or email for further information. They can also be reached via the 24-hour hotline in the event of an emergency.

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