Craig Roofing Also Serves as Roof Ventilation Company in Akron Ohio

April 22, 2022 at 22:31

Craig Roofing, a roofing company based in Akron, Ohio, want everyone to know that they are also a roof ventillation company because they are specialists in roof ventilation and roof vents. They want to stress the importance of roof ventilation in ensuring that air and moisture will enter and then exit the roof properly. This will regulate the temperature of the attic and boost the lifespan of the roof. It is also advisable to choose the appropriate type of roof vents, which depend on various factors, such as the specific home’s roof architecture (flat roof, steep pitched, etc.), design, and the climate. An experienced roofing contractor is knowledgeable on the specific type of ventilation system that is appropriate for a particular roof. Regardless of the type, a roof will need to have an inflow source and an outflow source to maintain the appropriate flow of air in the attic. And there are various ways to have good air flow, such as ridge vents, box vents, baffles, soffit ventilation, and solar fans.

It should be noted that a roof vent is also sometimes called a roofing box or box vents. These are also called louver, static, or pod vents and they are square shaped vents protruding out of the roof and are secured close to the highest point with caulk, nails, and other materials in order to prevent water leakage. They have no powered or mechanical parts and several box vents are typically installed on a single roof in order to get the right ventilation.

vents on roof in akron ohio

There are other types of roof vents aside from the roof box vents or louver vents. These include the: ridge vents, soffit vents, baffle vents or rafter vents, and solar fans. Ridge vents are installed along the peak or ridge of the roof and they are typically installed on most of the newer homes. This is because ridge vents are aesthetically pleasing because they blend in with the other parts of the roof while being effective in providing optimal ventilation. Since they are located on the peak of the roof, they are the ideal place for allowing hot air to escape.

When compared with box vents, ridge vents have become more common because box vents have a tendency to leak and also allow wild animals and rust to get into the attic. The vital rule to remember is to install only one kind of roof vent. Installing various types of vents will prevent hot air from getting out of the attic properly. Instead, the hot air may circulate at the top part of the attic, resulting into heat and moisture problems.

Meanwhile, soffit vents also offer good roofing ventilation when they are used in combination with ridge vents or box vents. Soffit vents are placed along the underside of the soffit or eaves. Their purpose is to pull fresh air from the outside and bring it to the attic and then back out the vents positioned at the peak of the roof.

Rafter vents or babble vents are used to make sure that the soffit vents are able to pull air into the attic properly. Baffle vents are installed inside the attic wherever there is an intake source or soffit vent, permitting the air to flow in the attic without getting clogged by insulation and other barriers.

And finally, solar fans are equipped with a motor to help push the hot air out of the attic. Particularly in warmer climates, solar fans can help keep the attic cool, boost the roof’s lifespan, and get rid of moisture problems.

Founded in 2020, Craig Roofing serves the whole Northeast Ohio area, where they seek to differentiate themselves from the other roofing companies in the area by providing affordable but exceptional, family-oriented service that saves homeowners from a lot of stress. Jeff Craig, President and Owner of Craig Roofing, sought to establish the company’s foundation based on the principles of providing high quality work and a contractor that communicates well with customers.

Those who are interested in the roofing services offered by Craig Roofing can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They can also check out the Craig Roofing BBB rating.


For more information about Craig Roofing, contact the company here:

Craig Roofing
Jeff Craig
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3131 Greenhill Rd, Akron, OH 44319


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