Conrad Construction Provides Home Renovation Services in Portland

March 30, 2023 at 16:18

Conrad Construction, a company based in Portland, OR, is happy to announce that they are offering home remodeling services in Portland and neighboring areas. The company specializes in remodeling for both residential and small commercial buildings. They work with a network of architects and designers and are always open to working with new design professionals. The process that they follow for the home renovation process enables them to work directly with the architects during the pre-construction process to eliminate costly budget escalations and future headaches. The entire remodeling process is made of eight steps.

The home remodeling services start with a conversation that allows them to get to know the client. This actually starts with the first telephone call or email. Through the initial phone interview and the complimentary in-home consultation, they will gather all as much information as possible to fully understand the goals, vision, and budget of the customer. This process gives them the ability to help guide the planning and pre-construction process toward the desired goals. They will also discuss schedules, the role of the client in the project, and what the client can expect from Conrad Construction during the whole process. They will then provide the client with complete information to ensure they fully understand the process and how the specific project will work.

The next step in the process is the professional services agreement (PSA). Before the signing of a construction contract, there will be some pre-construction processes and there will be fees, which are separate from the construction contract. These pre-construction processes will be taken care of with the PSA. This PSA will typically include costs for the development of a detailed estimate that ensures the client will be provided with a high-quality completed project on par with the desired budget. The PSA will also take into account design services and possibly demolition and discovery tasks if necessary to provide a guaranteed project price. And the PSA doesn’t obligate the client to enter into a construction agreement with them. But at the end of the PSA process, the client will have all of the information they need to move forward to the next stage.

The third step is project development. This is when they will review the entire scope of work, the project plan, progress payments, timelines, logistics, and various issues. The client will meet the designated project manager, take part in a pre-construction plan review with the management team, and discuss logistics and communications.

The fourth step is the signing of the construction agreement but first, they will go over the details of the agreement. In the fifth step, they will start the project management tasks, such as taking care of all the details of scheduling, ordering materials, coordination, and oversight. At all times, they will be providing the client with updates on the project’s progress and issues. In the sixth step, they will take care of any in-process changes.

And in the seventh step, they will handle the remodeling project until completion. They will carefully inspect all completed elements to ensure high-quality craftsmanship, code compliance, and scope achievement. And they will conduct a final review meeting with the client to provide answers to any operational questions about heating and cooling systems, appliances, and the like. And in the eighth and final step, the completed project is handed over to the client.

Founded by Patrick Conrad in 2015, Conrad Construction is the culmination of the years that Patrick worked as an in-demand carpenter and project manager. When he went to work as a local carpenter for a Portland remodeling company, Patrick realized he had found what he loves to do. Throughout his career, he learned hands-on skills about everything from excavation through finish before assuming the role of a lead carpenter and project manager at one of the top remodeling firms in the city. That was where he developed his skills as a leader and manager for eight years. Patrick provides a personal approach to the building process. He takes pride in his knowledgeable approach and talented team. They have formed long-lasting relationships with reliable architects, designers, and subcontractors, and they’re ready to listen to their clients to take their specific goals and needs from an idea to fruition.

Those who are interested in learning more about the home renovation services offered by Conrad Construction can check out their website or contact them by calling their office or by email.


For more information about Conrad Construction, contact the company here:

Conrad Construction
Patrick Conrad
5325 NE 109th Ave
Portland, OR 97220


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