Chicago Website Design SEO Company Discusses WPX Word Press Hosting Reviews

October 19, 2022 at 22:41

IL based Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC) recently published a blog post where they talk about WPX WordPress Hosting and what the service has to offer. The blog post is essentially a review of the service and an attempt to see whether or not it is as useful as the many rave reviews the service has received would suggest. The review outlines the benefits and drawbacks of WPX WordPress hosting and explains in great detail why the service may or may not be right for certain applications.

WPX Hosting was created in order to meet the need for Fast WordPress loading. Created by Terry Kyle, an SEO expert, it is designed specifically to help Search Engine Optimizers who often run into issues involving speed when hosting WordPress websites.

CEO of Chicago Website Design SEO Company Jack Lombardi had this to say about WPX Hosting and the importance of a fast website, “Having a fast website is crucial to our online success. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, and believe me, poor website speed and poor support can kill your online success. It does not matter what your website is about online; you will benefit a great deal from a fast loading website. With the improvement of the website speed, it is easy to increase traffic. This is due to improved search engine visibility; search engines know the importance of load rate and how its load rate impacts the user experience.”

WPX Hosting is a high-performance website hosting solution for WordPress websites. The platform is well-established and has been in the business for a very long time, which makes WPX Hosting trustworthy. It comes with a number of powerful features the most important of which is the very high website loading speeds WPX Hosting provides. In addition to speed, it offers a number of other features, including website backups (which are stored on another server to ensure that they remain safe). Retrieval of said backups is free, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to avoid extra hidden costs. WPX Hosting also offers a free website migration service. They provide the user with a team that helps them move everything from their current host to a new WPX Hosting account. This service also includes moving all the emails associated with the site. WPX Hosting additionally offers free email services associated with the website domain name.

Of all the features the website hosting service provides, CWDSC review praises the interface the most. The review says, “If there is one thing I fell in love with on WPX Hosting, it has to be the management dashboard or what we popularly refer to as the interface. One of the most noticeable things with most hosts is that they can make the interface unnecessarily complex for both new and experienced users. The management dashboard is refreshingly simple. While we live in an age where things are complex and time consuming, WPX Hosting manages to have an oasis of simplicity that makes everything easy and fast. Finding different settings takes a few seconds. For everything I do not understand or find, I always settle for contacting the support team, which is incredibly fast in responding.”

WPX Hosting is also unique in that it can handle large amounts of traffic. It is designed to host large sites and this can be seen through how well it handles a lot of pressure like the traffic that goes through eCommerce sites. The host can handle almost any amount of traffic, including massive traffic spikes.

The review talks about the support team and how responsive and helpful the WPX Hosting support department is, among many other aspects of its implementation and operation. The review also lists a number of advantages and highly recommends WPX Hosting for websites of all sizes, especially those looking to ensure that they always provide fast speeds. Read the full review of WPX Hosting by SEO expert Jack Lombardi on Chicago Website Design SEO Company’s website. They also have a number of helpful reviews and blog articles and regularly upload informative content.


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