Charlotte Company that Offers Party Tent Rentals Uses Its Experience to Help Create Perfect Events

April 04, 2022 at 23:25

Charlotte Party Rentals is a North Carolina company that has been counted on by many to help them create the perfect event. This is true whether someone is holding a party event for their child, putting on a wedding, or preparing for an important business get-together. But what the company offers goes well beyond just having the right party and event supplies to get the job done. Those at the company are also not afraid to use their many years of party and event experience to guide their customers as to how they can make an occasion something that will be remembered for a long time. Evidence of this comes in the form of two reviews that can be seen on Charlotte Party Rentals Google Maps Business Listing. Bienvenido Flormata wrote, “Our family event was really a successful one! That wouldn't be possible without the help of Charlotte Party Rentals. The staff was very accommodating and professional, and they really guided me on what we really needed for our celebration. They delivered the items on time. No wonder why our friend recommends this party rental service. Thank you so much! I will definitely rent again from you for our events in the future!” Samantha Kenley stated, “Thanks to the service of Charlotte Party Rental I was able to throw a perfect party for my son. Didn’t want a major party but nothing small either and they were absolutely helpful in my arrangements. Party turned out to be great.”

A company spokesperson, Chris Epps, responded by saying, “We have always tried to be more than a company that just provides many of the items that are needed to help make a successful party or event. The staff here is also more than willing to give any advice that a customer wants that will help make their party or event that much more special. Most people don’t go out and plan parties and events regularly, so they rely on us for tips and suggestions as to what they need to help their event or special occasion be one that’s cherished and remembered.” Epps went on to say that they have heard many stories about parties and events that went wrong because inexperienced planners tried to do everything on their own. It’s a situation that often leads to an important event or party item being overlooked or simply forgotten. He mentioned that even the smallest of items that can enhance a party or event is not included for the occasion, it can significantly take away from a party or event. This is something that they have learned with experience and that’s why their staff is always happy to assist with suggestions or tips as to how customers can maximize the success of their event or happening. On their website which is located at, there are even helpful item checklists that apply to different types of events and parties.

Charlotte Party Rentals

Epps stated that of course it also helps their reputation to be able to offer a wide variety of party, event, and meeting supplies. Much of which can be seen on their above-mentioned website. This includes having one of the Charlotte/Mecklenburg County area's largest selections of tent rentals that will help put the exclamation point on any child’s birthday party. They specialize in providing items that will help make for a successful wedding, corporate event, school function, church happening, non-profit event, or backyard party that much better than any organizer could have imagined. The company provides tents, tables, chairs, flooring, staging, lighting, decor, inflatables, games, and much more. He also emphasized that whatever party or event item is rented from them will also be clean and in excellent condition. Not only will they help a customer plan an event but much of what they do includes delivery, setup, and takedown. More information about how Charlotte Party Rentals can help make any event or party one to remember and some pictures of actual events and parties they have helped put on can be seen on its Facebook Page at


For more information about Charlotte Party Rentals, contact the company here:

Charlotte Party Rentals
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