Shares Advice On Marketing From The Stage For Christian Ministries And Singers

April 11, 2022 at 19:14

Santa Clarita, California -, a website that offers advice on the best ways to market a faith-based organization, had published a podcast that talks about the insights into marketing that the founder got when he and his wife were invited to a recent meeting for influencers and stalwarts of the faith industry. The podcast summarizes his thoughts and presents clear lessons on what to do and what not to do from stage.

Raul Meza attended the event at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, a Christian Conference Center and Peaceful Retreat in Asheville, NC along with his wife Betty Meza. Raul details his experience listening to the speakers and singers at the conference and shares that he had an epiphany regarding the way they were marketing their causes. Raul says that the way the speakers went about the task of getting listeners excited left a lot to be desired as they broke one of the cardinal rules of marketing in the process.

Raul talks about his realization on the second episode of the podcast, titled “The Mistake That Many Ministries Make When Pitching Their Cause or Event That Will Kill the Message and Attendance.” Raul’s observation was that a lot of the presenters who talked about the event they were pitching in raw terms of features and activities rather than communicating the power of the experience that they had in mind.

One of the incidents, that was the trigger that made Raul come to his realization, which he makes a point to highlight during the podcast was his experience with one speaker who was pitching a massive youth event for Christ in Texas. This one speaker never went over the agenda, the schedule, or the activities the kids would do. Instead, he spent his time talking about the transformation that the kids would experience. According to Raul, “he described our kids returning home on fire for God and being changed in ways we only dreamed of.” This conceptualization of the transformation that the kids would go through was so strong enough that Raul and Betty were compelled to consider sending their kids to the event. Further in the podcast, Raul relates the speaker’s skills as a marketer with his own experience by saying, “As a marketer do you see what happened? He sold us with results and the vision of change. The others dulled us with details and features.”

When asked to elaborate on his conclusions, Raul says, “A lot of the presenters gave us a laundry list of features and perks that the event or mission was going to provide to the attendees. This is important information, but it does nothing to help someone connect with or visualize the benefits that they are going to get if they attend the cause. The presenters talked about their pitch in length hoping to wow their audience based on what they had planned for them. However, they never mentioned what the event that they had carefully crafted and curated was supposed to accomplish for the attendees on a personal and intimate level. Though their hearts are in the right place, as they are doing the best that they can to convince listeners of what they can provide them, they did a poor job of translating their pitch to a meaningful appeal that can strike a chord with the audience. This was the great revelation that helped me get to the core of what the current discourse in faith-based marketing is missing. With my learnings from the conference, I have created a plan, to help others who are lost in their marketing efforts find the light so that they can hopefully get good enough at spreading their message to make a real difference and impact on the many lives that they touch.”

On its website, regularly reports how Christian ministries and singers can fund their ministry by selling from the stage instead of burdening the church for an offering. Readers can head over to the website to check out all current episodes of its Christian marketing podcast.


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