Advanced Injury Care Clinic in Nashville Busts Car Accident Injury Myths

November 14, 2022 at 17:35

Nashville, Tennessee -

Advanced Injury Care Clinic in Nashville is a reputable chiropractic care facility for accident injury victims. The chiropractic clinic has updated its blog to bust myths surrounding car accident injuries that keep accident victims from receiving the medical care they need after a car crash. The blog post advises accident victims to seek professional medical help for a full recovery and get back to life as usual.

A Nashville car accident doctor is the best person to treat an injured car crash victim. The blog post busts the first myth, stating that some people believe that if the vehicle remains undamaged in an accident, then they have likely escaped from injuries too. But that is wrong. In fact, this affects the victim’s chances of getting the best compensation from an insurance provider, which might claim that they are faking the injury for an insurance payout.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Nashville is the right person to help victims of accidents fight an insurance company's accusations and get the rightful compensation. According to the Nashville chiropractic clinic, soft tissue damage is quite common for accident victims that could potentially cause ongoing arthritic issues without timely treatment. The blog post states that whiplash is the most common injury resulting from a vehicle collision when the body is jerked around, even though there is no damage to the vehicle.

The Nashville car accident doctor explains that some accident victims consider they have escaped scratch free when there is no visible sign of injury after the car crash. However, this is a wrong notion, the top accident treatment doctors in Nashville emphasize. The blog post explains that musculoskeletal and neurological pain is common after car accidents and needs immediate medical attention, adding that it is extremely common to experience pain after a collision, regardless of the severity of the accident.

Another common myth among accident victims is that they feel fine and don’t need medical help, adding that sometimes pain is masked by an adrenaline rush. In such cases, injuries are hidden and require diagnostic testing. The blog post suggests that accident victims should see a doctor right away for a full physical exam to avoid minor injuries from becoming chronic. Even worse, this could hurt the victim’s personal injury claim.

Nashville chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Clinic are experienced in treating accident injuries without using invasive techniques or drugs. Chiropractors have access to the best tools to diagnose injuries and accordingly recommend a treatment plan.

A car accident chiropractor in Nashville is the best person to consult with after a motor vehicle collision. They have the right tools and expertise to detect invisible pain points and customize treatment for each victim. Delaying treatment is not the right way to go forward, advises the Nashville chiropractic clinic, warning that untreated car accident injuries can quickly turn into life-long problems that will affect the victim’s overall quality of life.

The best Nashville car accident doctors are available for a free consultation. Anybody injured in a car accident needs the best chiropractic care. Accident victims in the Nashville area can fill out a short form on Advanced Injury Care Clinic's website to schedule a free consultation today.


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