Are Temple And Grace Engagement Ring Designs Really Unique?

June 26, 2022 at 13:44

Getting a jeweller to make a custom engagement ring used to be a time-consuming and expensive process. Over time, this process has become more accessible as a result of E-commerce advancements and the development of new jewellery handcrafting techniques. Having a bespoke engagement ring made is now a popular choice for those who have a unique vision for their engagement ring style.

It's especially important to work with a jeweller or designer who has a lot of custom design experience and an aesthetic that appeals to a variety of tastes. The client may have an idea for their engagement ring, but it is up to the jeweller to turn that idea into a reality.

Customers should work with someone who has done enough custom jewellery work to be able to tell them when an idea isn't going to work and offer alternatives. Temple & Grace are well-known jewellers, having jewellery showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. They are known for having a large selection of handcrafted diamond engagement rings and gemstone engagement rings Australia-wide. They claim to make the process of designing and handcrafting a custom engagement ring much simpler for their customers.

However, how can someone really tell if their jewellery piece is truly unique? Are Temple & Grace engagement rings truly one-of-a-kind? And what makes this company different from all the other jewellers in the world who make similar claims?

Definition of a unique piece

"When someone says they want a unique ring, they usually mean they don't want anything else they've seen online, in stores, or elsewhere. It must be made--never before seen," according to Twisha, Master jewellery designer and co-founder of Temple and Grace jewellers.

"Inspiration could come from a piece of artwork or a design they have thought of or seen somewhere. Some of our clients bring their heirloom jewellery to be altered and custom-designed into something unique. Over the years, I have worked with some of the most unique diamonds and gemstones. An in-depth ability to understand the clients' requirements coupled with over 15 years of jewellery-designing experience has given us the ability to create some of the most unique jewellery Australians have experienced. We make detailed designs and sketches of every custom design and even handcraft samples prior to making the final jewellery piece. Our approach is truly unique and we pay attention to the minutest detail," she adds.

Australia's finest jewellery collection on display in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

All of Temple and Grace's engagement rings and wedding bands are handcrafted in their Sydney jewellery workshop. They have a huge selection of engagement ring and wedding band designs, both traditional and contemporary. Clients have the option of selecting from hundreds of one-of-a-kind diamond and gemstone engagement rings.

Only the best handpicked diamonds go into the making of Temple and Grace jewellery. Twisha says that by buying directly from the jewellery-makers and not from high-street retailers, clients are doing away with the middleman and could save over 40% on their custom jewellery designs. Temple and Grace are also known to make fine diamond bracelets and necklaces.

"We are Australian diamond and gemstone wholesalers who handpick only the best GIA certified diamonds and offer significantly lower prices than any Australian or US-based jewellery store," she says. "We are so confident in the quality of diamonds we use that we offer a lifetime buyback at full price."

Going above and beyond

Temple and Grace jewellers are also the only Australian jewellery store to offer a home-trial service for wedding bands. Anand Keswani,co-founder of Temple and Grace mentions that the Temple and Grace wedding ring home-trial service is exceptionally popular. It was a big hit during Covid when the jewellery stores were closed, and clients have continued and loved to use the service ever since. Temple and Grace jewellers don't cut corners. In return, their customers are not shy about giving the brand 5-star ratings on their website.

One testimonial reads: "Temple & Grace provided excellent service when we purchased my wedding ring. I ordered a meteorite custom ring, which takes a few weeks to complete. During that time, I hit the gym hard and lost so much weight that the ring didn't fit my chubby fingers when it arrived. We naturally freaked out, but they simply ordered another one right away because the meteorite rings cannot be resized. My replacement ring arrived in time for our wedding. I love the ring and how it's one of a kind."

Accredited by the Jewellers Association of Australia and recognised by the Gemological Institute of America, Temple and Grace jewellers is the first jewellery maker in Australia to offer 100 days of free and easy returns, as well as a lifetime of complimentary resizing and polishing services.

"They were attentive, concise, and really provided guidance and expertise on what material to use. When I needed the ring resized, they facilitated this immediately and had it back within a day, so I wouldn't be without it. It made it a really enjoyable experience," another user posted.

For anyone who is still unsure about Temple & Grace's custom creations and services, Twisha has this to say:

"It's simple; you either love your new engagement ring or get your money back. We are the only Australian jewellery store to offer a 100% peace-of-mind guarantee. It can't get any fairer than that."

Temple And Grace

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