The Collaboration of Realme and Coca-Cola's Android Mobile Teaser Circulates on the Internet

January 31, 2023 at 01:52, Jakarta – Rumors of presence Coca-Cola Phone been hearing this since last week. Initially, leaked information regarding smartphone This Coca-Cola nuance is known from technology leaker Mukul Sharma who shared a rendering of the device.

Now, the leaked information seems to be a reality. The reason, as quoted from GSM ArenaMonday (30/1/2023), Realm has revealed that it is working on a device in collaboration with Coca-Cola.

Through uploads on Twitter, the company wrote caption which reads, “Something is sizzling in Realme”. The upload was accompanied by a short video showing a silhouette smartphone which is in a similar liquid Coke.

Along with this upload, Realme India also includes a link on a special page. Although not much information was revealed, the page did display a silhouette smartphone same as in the short video in the tweet.

Interestingly, VP Realme Madhav Sheth also uploaded a tweet that confirmed the collaboration between Realme and Coca-Cola. The tweet that Madhav uploaded showed a photo of him together Realme 10 Pro the Hyperspace Gold variant with the reflection of a Coca-Cola can on the back.

The existence of this photo also implies that the Coca-Cola Phone is a special edition of the Realme 10 Pro. And, if the previously circulated rendering is correct, the smartphone body will be labeled with a red Coca-Cola logo on the back.

However, detailed information about HP Realme This special edition has yet to be revealed. Accordingly, it is possible that information regarding smartphone this edition of Coca-Cola will be announced in the near future.

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