'New frontier of Australia's cyber security' burgeons in South ...

January 31, 2023 at 00:40

COMPANY NEWS by CyberArk & Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre: With the ongoing cybersecurity hacks Australia has been experiencing, it is essential organisations are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be cyber resilient, particularly in the area of critical infrastructure.

CyberArk , the global leader in Identity Security, has partnered with the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre as part of its commitment to the growth and development of the Australian cybersecurity ecosystem. Through collaboration with other key companies and startups in the industry, CyberArk hopes to impact the cyber resilience of Australian businesses and to address the current talent and skills crisis, as well as bring added innovation and resilience to Australia’s cyber security and defence strategy.

Thomas Fikentscher, Regional Director of Australia and New Zealand, CyberArk said: “As Australia and the rest of the world is faced with emerging cyber threats, especially targeted at critical infrastructure industries, it is more important than ever to foster a collaborative network of industry and emerging leaders in the sector to build stronger resilience capabilities with the right tools and knowledge for organisations to operate safely in the digital economy. Our collaboration with the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre is a great step in the right direction to drive needed innovation and also address the current talent and skills crisis. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this initiative and see what we can achieve together.”

The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre facilitates the growth of Australia’s cyber community by championing collaboration, innovation and enterprise to thrive in the complex security threat landscape. It is part of LotFourteen, a world-class innovation district in South Australia solving complex global challenges leading to greater economic, social and cultural outcomes for all.

“The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre is committed to increasing Australia’s cyber security awareness, resilience and capability. As a member-based organisation, we believe collaboration can deliver greater outcomes and advancements within the cyber security ecosystem, and we are thrilled to be working with CyberArk. Our collaboration with CyberArk is one of relevance given the current skills and talent shortages and challenging threat landscape affecting all sectors of the industry, and we are excited to work together to strengthen the cyber security posture of organisations in Australia via various initiatives,” said Kim Scott, Director and Chairman of the Australia Cyber Collaboration Centre.

Lot Fourteen’s concept was first initiated in 2015 and is now a burgeoning innovation/hi-tech precinct which has $750M federal government funding, state funding and also $400m funding from industry coming into it. It is designed to accelerate innovation, research, education and commercialisation through collaboration.

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