I made a thing... a Digital Ocean Spaces client.

September 15, 2021 at 04:21

Hey everyone!

I've been working all day on this and I'm excited to share it. It's still pretty fresh and might have a few bugs. Feel free to contribute.

Sorry for being lazy, but I'm pooped... so here's an excerpt.

Oh... and the pypi link... and the source code.



The client connects to a Digital Ocean region and can list files/directors and download/upload files. It has a built in terminal shell for verbose commands and navigation,

Inspired by Python3-DigitalOcean-Spaces-Manager-v2-Advanced. An API client was needed for a commercial project and that package was the best contender. Abandoned, riddled with issues and lacking any license for distro and modificaiton, digital_ocean_spaces was built from scratch with an MIT license. Use it, share it and most of all, feel free to modify it, and contribute back.

The digital_ocean_spaces package provides a nearly stress free 'Client' class to help you connect to Digital Ocean spaces. All it needs is your keys and the name of the server to connect to. Once authorized, the client will hopefuly help you figure out what you're doing wrong.

Once you have an authorized client ( server name, public key, secret key,) you should be able to implement it into your existing application like normal.

Alternatively, if you want to stay in the console and use verbose commands, you can run .shell()

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